Peace, Love, and Little Donuts Review

Callin Naddy, Staff Writer

Little donuts can pack a big taste.

The new donut shop in town demonstrates that.

Peace, Love, and Little Donuts, a Pennsylvania-based franchise, opened their first Colorado location just this month in downtown Fort Collins.

The shop, complete with 1970s themed decorations, offers up 34 flavors of donuts- ranging from cinnamon sugar to cherry pie or Oreo cheesecake. While the toppings can be a bit large and outlandish, the donuts themselves remain small. Each is freshly made and topped in store while the customer looks on.

The first thing to know about Peace, Love, and Little Donuts is the unique atmosphere it brings to the table. The small location is full of ‘70s decor, a nice departure from traditional donut shops. The counter, which allows customers to watch as employees dress their donuts, displays all available flavor options to allow for easier decision making and fills the shop with wonderfully delicious sights. The vibe of the shop is similar to that of Voodoo Donuts: the food might not be the best in town, but the atmosphere makes it a place worth seeking out.

Foodwise, the cake donuts served here are decent. The Oreo cheesecake donut was probably the best one I tried, but leaned on the richer side. A close second was the cinnamon sugar-topped donut, which was delicious, especially when eaten hot and fresh. The s’mores donut was a little dry and the graham crackers were a little old, but still worth eating. With so many flavor options, there does seem to be something for everyone, whether it is out of the ordinary or a traditional pick. For the adventurous though, a word of caution: too many toppings made the donuts a little heavy, but the small size counteracted that well enough.

Because of the size of the restaurant and the limited number of staff (only three when we visited, and one was manning the donut machine the whole time), getting overcrowded is very feasible. Additionally, because each donut is topped one at a time right when ordered, the line doesn’t move very quickly. But, donut-making isn’t too time-consuming of a task, and the employees were very helpful in regards to that.

Overall, the trip to Peace, Love, and Little Donuts was a good one. A very unique and fun atmosphere coupled with satisfactory donuts and a friendly staff raise this new shop to high standing in the Fort Collins donut market.