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Ms. Madison is a good teacher who wants to help and will forgive you and still write you a letter of rec, Gabe Philippe, senior.

What the school system does right and how we can make it better

Josh Pluta, Contributor April 3, 2024

The media thrives on sensationalism. Someone is more likely to click on an article that says fourth graders don’t know how to read over one that says a teacher is giving extra help to his students. This...

Religion is an important thing to understand other people, Rocky student.

Would teaching about religion benefit the public school system?

Jasmine Kleebach, Contributor March 25, 2024

Should the basics of the most widespread religions be taught in public schools? This is a topic that has been seen as very controversial. A small amount of religion is taught in humanities class, but what...

Ableism is everywhere, and we need it out of schools

Ableism is everywhere, and we need it out of schools

Logan Agnew, Contributor March 25, 2024

There were about 7.3 million disabled students in 2021-2022, according to a Pew Research Study. This number made up approximately 15% of the students that year. According to EdW, this is double the...

Rashleigh Inn Fish and Chips

From Sea to Plate: A Delicious Dive into Fish and Chips Around the UK

Katelyn Kimbell, Staff writer March 25, 2024

    On my recent trip to the UK I was determined to bring back findings on whether fish and chips were worth the hype and which place would be a right fit for you, reader. So instead of rating one...

Front door at Rocky with handicap button and welcome sign, where people can get their first glimpse of accessibility at the school.

Accessible or Convenient?

Nikki Gudemann, Staff Writer February 23, 2024

Rocky Mountain High School has been open since 1973, and as time passes, changes are an essential requirement.  According to the US Department of Education “Since its enactment in 1990, the ADA has...

College and Career Center

Registration… What am I supposed to do?

Katelyn Kimbell, Staff Writer February 23, 2024

Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen! Registration has come, and let's be honest it's hard to know what classes to take. As a senior who has completed all her credits and more, I have come to offer some...

Rocky Mountain National Park

A Good Old Fashion Colorado Sunrise

Katelyn Kimbell, Staff Writer February 1, 2024

One of my most frequent texts is, “Wanna watch the sunrise tomorrow?”  I love sunrises and as any self-respecting Colorado kid, I have gone to many places to find the best sunrise-watching spot.  Instead...

My top 5 movies that came out this year

My top 5 movies that came out this year

Parker Burleson, Editor December 19, 2023

In my opinion, 2023 was a pretty mid movie year with some outstanding performances. Although I haven’t seen every movie that was released, I got to watch 14 total movies this year. And here’s my personal...

The Rocky cheer team raises school spirit during their routine.

Rocky Rivalry

Eleanor Fields, Staff Writer October 5, 2023

On September 29, the Rocky football team played their homecoming game against Fort Collins High School. With a large number of students in attendance, it was easy to see that Rocky was working hard to...

Rocky band marches during half time!

Pros of Participating

Olivia Fields, Staff Writer September 12, 2023

Rocky Mountain High School hosts a number of events throughout the school year such as dances, Lobo Night, football games, concerts, plays, and more. Going to these events has many benefits for students...


Rocky’s Exciting Atmosphere

Eleanor Fields, Staff Writer September 8, 2023

One of Rocky's most notable features is its school spirit. Assemblies and spirit weeks demonstrate how much fun it is to show pride in your school through themes and events. School spirit is one...

School Lunch or Packed Lunch

School Lunch or Packed Lunch

Eleanor Fields, Staff Writer August 25, 2023

In every school from Pre-K to high school, time is set aside for students to eat lunch before finishing off the day. At Rocky, if you aren’t leaving to buy lunch at one of the nearby locations, you’re...

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