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The Rocky cheer team raises school spirit during their routine.

Rocky Rivalry

Eleanor Fields, Staff Writer October 5, 2023

On September 29, the Rocky football team played their homecoming game against Fort Collins High School. With a large number of students in attendance, it was easy to see that Rocky was working hard to...

Rocky band marches during half time!

Pros of Participating

Olivia Fields, Staff Writer September 12, 2023

Rocky Mountain High School hosts a number of events throughout the school year such as dances, Lobo Night, football games, concerts, plays, and more. Going to these events has many benefits for students...


Rocky’s Exciting Atmosphere

Eleanor Fields, Staff Writer September 8, 2023

One of Rocky's most notable features is its school spirit. Assemblies and spirit weeks demonstrate how much fun it is to show pride in your school through themes and events. School spirit is one...

School Lunch or Packed Lunch

School Lunch or Packed Lunch

Eleanor Fields, Staff Writer August 25, 2023

In every school from Pre-K to high school, time is set aside for students to eat lunch before finishing off the day. At Rocky, if you aren’t leaving to buy lunch at one of the nearby locations, you’re...

Annika sits in her sister Averys college dorm room thinking about what she may have forgotten from this list.

College Essentials

Annika Nickel, Staff Writer May 24, 2023

If you are planning on attending college in the fall, it is time to begin researching what you might need. A lot of websites and articles will give you lists full of supplies you will never actually use,...

ChatGPT is one of the most popular AI websites for language, conversation, and tasks.

Artificial Intelligence

Finn Moore, Staff Writer May 19, 2023

Artificial Intelligence has been around for about 70-80 years, predating the invention of the smartphone. Recent interest has left people wondering what risk it poses to society. The earliest Artificial...

My friend and I group took prom pictures in front of the CSU Art Center.

Rendez-vous au bal de promo!

Elea Gasmi, Staff Writer May 3, 2023

For many American teenagers, prom may be one of the most anticipated events of their high school experience. For others, it might just be one of the many other school events that they aren’t really interested...

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Transgender Rights and Safety In and Out of Rocky

Finn Moore March 24, 2023

“Transgenderism must be eradicated,” Michael Knowles, a political commentator, and media host said at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on March 4th, 2023. What did he mean by this? “There...

Italian exchange student Sara Ciceri and Brazilian exchange student Betina Averbuch arrived to Fort Collins in January, for the second semester of the school year.

Why Should You Go On An Exchange Year?

Elea Gasmi, Writer March 24, 2023

An exchange student is a high school student who decides to live and study abroad in a host country, usually for a period of either a semester or a year. Exchange students usually live with a host family...

Art made by Rocky students lines the walls.

Self-Expression at Rocky

Finn Moore February 27, 2023

No matter what culture or place you come from, it’s important that you feel safe and happy when expressing yourself in public. When it comes down to it, self-identity and self-expression aren’t...

Student Council and Emmalese pose after the assembly.

Granting Wishes this February

Annika Nickel, Staff Writer February 23, 2023

Last week Rocky sponsored a 14-year old girl named Emmalese Schultz through Make-A-Wish Colorado. Emmalese is battling leukemia, but keeps her spirits high through her passions of singing, dancing, and...

Rocky’s Restrooms

Finn Moore February 8, 2023

Rocky's restrooms vary when it comes to accessibility, space, mirrors, and even popularity. All Rocky students have a preference when it comes to which bathroom they would rather go to, but I will...

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