The Highlighter

Decorated cars drive down the street to celebrate Graham Garrett's birthday.

Birthday Parade

April 14, 2020

A Message of Hope in a Time of Hopelessness

Evan Morgan, Contributor

March 22, 2020

If you would have asked any high school senior what they thought their last quarter of school would be like, the thought of dancing the night away at their last prom would have been seen dancing through their eyes. Smiles woul...

Is it all that you thought it would be?

2020 Update

March 3, 2020

Posters around the school remind students to attend the school play.

Get a Clue

October 24, 2019

The good ol' regular Oreo is a classic with great creamy flavor and hard chocolate cookie. The regular Oreo was a good balance of sweetness in the cream and more savory with the cookie. A solid 7/10

Oreo Taste Testing

February 20, 2019

The Community Experience of Rocky Mountain High School