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Opening in 1973, Rocky Mountain High School is a 9-12 grade school in the Poudre School District.  Rocky is one of four comprehensive high schools in the district.

The was launched in 2016. Masthead was created by RMHS senior AP art student Nick Shortman.

Mission Statement:
The Highlighter, an online publication produced by students at Rocky Mountain High School, was created to be a reliable news source for the student body, community, and general public. News is reported through a variety of mediums to provide timely updates without bias to race, religion or social creed.
  • If you feel strongly that something was reported poorly, or strongly disagree with an opinion, we encourage you to submit a full article or commentary on the subject: guest columns can be emailed to [email protected] and must follow the comment policies outlined below.
Comment Policy
  • The Highlighter values the opinion of its readers and encourages them to discuss its content.
  • Comments containing obscene, suggestive, vulgar, profane (including letters followed by dashes or symbols), threatening, disrespectful, or defamatory language will not be published and will be reported to the administration.
  • Attacks on groups or individuals based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or creed will be rejected.
  • All threats are taken seriously. If we are worried for someone’s safety, the comment and related identifying information will be passed along to relevant authorities and/or the school administration.
  • All comments written from the school network are subject to the school’s Acceptable Use Policies. At the discretion of the staff of The Highlighter, comments and related identifying information will be passed onto the school administration.
  • All comments are approved by The Highlighter editorial staff. Comments are reviewed as often as possible. This process results in a delay of anywhere from a few hours to a day before a comment is posted.
  • Do not misrepresent yourself by using someone else’s name. The Highlighter does not allow anonymous comments and requires a valid email address. The email address will not be displayed but will be used to confirm your comments.
  • The Highlighter is open to strong opinions and criticism of its work, but The Highlighter does not publish comments discussing its policies and practices. Please stay on topic.
  • Likewise, we welcome strong opinions and criticism of our reporters’ work. However, personal attacks on reporters will not be published.
  • The views expressed in comments are solely the authors’ and do not reflect the views of The Highlighter, Rocky Mountain High School, or the Poudre School District.
  • Once submitted, comments become the property of The Highlighter.

Corrections and Errors Policy

Grammatical and factual errors will be corrected in a timely fashion as soon as they are detected. When this is done, The Highlighter will indicate that a story has been updated and why it has been. If you find an error, please let the reporter know by commenting on the story or emailing The Highlighter at [email protected].

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