Lobo Strong: Back to School Assembly


Katie Hirn

Loco the Lobo leads spirit cheers at the assembly.

The school’s first assembly in over 500 days occurred last Friday on French Field. It was not only the freshman’s first assembly in high school, but the sophomore’s as well. 

With the pandemic putting students online for most of last year, Rocky hasn’t had an opportunity to do an all-school event in two years. Although this assembly looked different from what upperclassmen are used to, it was a huge milestone being able to all get together in the same place at the same time. 

Enjoy the highlights below. All photos by Katie Hirn.


Juniors show their school spirit at the pep assembly. 
Sophomores are very excited this year. 
Rocky Peers dance to get out of their comfort zone to encourage students to as well.
Student body president Kevin Bruxvoort did MC and spirit duties.
Juniors do the rollercoaster. 
The Cheerleading Squad debuts their routine to the school. Flyers; Falynn Morono, Maya Sonnier, Aspen Wolkow, Ireland Nickel.
Rocky Stuco Team: (left to right) Currie Zafarana, Ruby Hubert, Jace Holley, Hadley Newcomer, Kaylee Hughes, Rocky The Mascot, Sara Chicco, Layla Mahmoud, Benjamin Harding, Jalen Vannice.
Seniors decked out in spirit gear get hyped up.
Ivan Evans competes in the frozen t-shirt race for the Freshman-Sophomore competition.
The Cheerleading Team shows their spirit.
Dance team dance circle for warm-up.
Dr. Woodall gives his opening speech.
The Spirit Band performs the “Fight Song.”
JV dance team debuts their dance for the students.
It is good to have all of Rocky Mountain High School back together after a two-year break.