The Highlighter

2020-2021 Staff

Annabel Lasher

Staff Writer

Annabel Lasher is a senior at Rocky Mountain High School. She enjoys swimming, drinking coffee and hanging out with friends. In her free time, she enjoys watching Criminal Minds and long boarding. She loves the outdoors and hopes...

Collin Claycomb


Collin is a junior at Rocky and runs for the Cross Country and Track teams. He isn't sure about his post-high school plans besides attending college. His dream is to write fantasy novels and reteach the younger generation about...

Logan Hardy


Logan really enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing basketball and spending time outdoors. He has 2 brothers, 3 dogs, and 2 cats. He hopes to attend Colorado State University next year and push to learn more everyday. love...

Jaden Clarke


Jaden is a Senior at Rocky who competes for the Debate and Tennis teams. He is still upset that Taco Bell stopped selling Quesaritos, and enjoys camping. Jadens inspirations in writing include Hunter S. Thompson and Aldous Huxley.

Ella Haller


Ella is a Sophomore at Rocky, she really enjoys hunting, fishing and just getting the heck off the couch. She aspires to work outside, specifically in environmental sciences where the people are scarce and wildlife is abundant.

Della Fisher


Della is a senior at Rocky Mountain High school. Della has many hobbies that include making art and sewing. Della enjoys fashion, art, and music.

Payton Petrilli


Payton loves to play soccer and video games in his free time. He owns over 30 mini horses and has two donkeys. He would love to be living on the east coast in 5 years!

Lindsay Grimm


Lindsay is a senior at Rocky and is passionate about video games and feminism. After high school, she plans to move to Los Angeles to attend college and live with her friends.

Jackson Klussmann


Jackson is a Senor at Rocky Mountain High school. Some of Jackson's hobbies is reading and writing, as well as playing video games. He is interested in sciences as well as wildlife and hopes he can get into CSU to further his...

Connor Poinan


Connor is a junior at rocky. He really enjoys gardening and music but doesn't have any plans for the future yet. He says just figuring it out has been working fine so far.

Laylah Reyes


Laylah is a sophomore at rocky and loves playing and listening to all sorts of music, reading tons of books, writing whether it’s short stories, articles or splurges and painting (movie posters specifically). She doesn't know...

Lilah Claycomb


Lilah is a Junior here at Rocky with her twin brother. Her little brother is starting middle school at Webber this year. She has two cats and a dog named Toby. Toby is the best friend Lilah says she could have asked for.

Payton Perkins


Payton is a senior at Rocky Mountain High School. They've been on the newspaper staff for 3 years. After high school, Payton wants to work as an investigative journalist. They love drawing, writing, and researching incredibly...

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