The Highlighter

2017-2018 Staff

Evan Zamba


Evan Zamba is a sophomore at Rocky Mountain High School. He always aims low, so he's not surprised when things go badly. He constantly makes political paintings and collages, as well as sucks at playing bass.

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Taylor Barella

Staff Writer

Taylor Barella is 17 years old senior. She loves to be with her family, friends, and boyfriend. She loves to laugh loud, just like her family. She finds many things entertaining. Her priorities are to finish high school strong...

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Jordon Jamerson

Staff Writer

Jordon is a junior here at RMHS. He enjoys spending his time playing video games or filming videos for fun. He lives with his Mom, Dad, and three little siblings.

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Emma Mackey


Emma is a Junior here at Rocky. She is a member of NHS and enjoys taking art classes. She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend pretty much every single day and watching movies and reading books way larger than they should be....

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Adrion Folse

Staff Writer

Adrion is a junior and enjoys playing video games and hanging out with his girlfriend, friends, and family. While he has no solid plan for immediately after high school, he would eventually like to open and run an independent coffee...

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Oscar Valdez

Staff Writer

Oscar Valdez is a junior this year at Rocky Mountain High School. For fun he likes to hit bangers on the soccer field and he also has a passion for music and clothing. He is also very proud of his Mexican culture, and someday...

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Abi Loughrey

Staff Writer

Abi Loughrey is a junior attending Rocky Mountain High school. In her free time, she can be found reading, being with family, and enjoying new experiences with her friends. She loves to travel and partner with special education...

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Rebecca Griffith

Staff Writer

Rebecca Griffith is a junior at Rocky Mountain High School. She enjoys playing tennis and being with her friends. After high school Rebecca wants to study kinesiology and exercise sciences in hopes of eventually becoming an occupational...

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Madisyn Seidel

Staff Writer

Madisyn Seidel is a junior at Rocky Mountain High School. She enjoys spending time with her friends and plays soccer for Storm Academy FC. After high school she hopes to attend Colorado State University to pursue her interest...

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Lilli Barrett

Staff Writer

Lilli Barrett is a junior at Rocky Mountain High School. Lilli enjoys creative writing and photography. After high school she hopes to go to CSU and major in Sociology to further her interest in Criminal Justice in hopes of pursuing...

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Skye Sutherlin


Skye Sutherlin is a freshman photographer. She enjoys going to games and other activities and taking pictures for The Highlighter. She is excited to be a part of the staff her first year at Rocky and looks forward to taking pictures...

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Sydney Olsen

Staff Writer

Sydney Olsen is a junior at Rocky Mountain High School. Sydney enjoys drawing with charcoal and loves to make others laugh and smile. After high school, she plans to go to CSU for business and hopefully do something art related....

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Erin Hutcheson

Staff Writer

Erin Hutcheson is a junior at Rocky Mountain High School. Erin enjoys hanging out with friends and watching movies. She works at Canes and loves to write in her free time. She has a passion to end the injustice in the world and...

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Alan Anaya

Staff Writer

Alan Anaya is a sophomore Varsity soccer player who also plays for Club at Arsenal Academy . Alan has a twin brother named Aaron and two older siblings . He is of Hispanic heritage . Parents were both born in Mexico.

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Elisia Hannah-Severs

Staff Writer

Elisia is a senior staff writer here at Rocky Mountain. Other than writing Elisia loves to draw, paint, and take pictures of everyday life. After high school Elisia plans on going to NYU for dramatic writing with a minor in the...

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Max Hand

Staff Writer

Max is a junior at Rocky Mountain who plays varsity soccer.  He would like to attend California State University  East Bay and play soccer.  He also has a twin sister and an older brother who both went to Rocky. Over the summer...

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Harry Yoxall

Staff Writer

Harry is a junior here at Rocky Mountain who plays varsity soccer. He is an honor roll student and a DECA state finalist. He spends most of his free time with friends or with his younger brother. After high school, he hopes to...

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Callin Naddy

Staff Writer

Callin Naddy is a senior at Rocky. She runs on the cross country and track teams and is involved in Student Council. Callin also enjoys eating desserts, writing, and spending time with family and friends. After high school, Callin...

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Jaden Rivera

Staff Writer

Jaden is a junior staff writer at Rocky Mountain. Besides writing for the newspaper Jaden loves reading, music, and spending time with family and friends. After high school Jaden plans to become a writer and travel the world helping...

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