Girl Rising Fundraiser

Girl Rising

Callin Naddy, Staff Writer


It only takes $500 to break the poverty cycle.

That’s the cost of sending a girl from an impoverished country to school for a year. It’s also the amount Girl Rising club has aimed at raising in their week-long fundraiser, which started last Thursday and runs until February 9.

“The goal is to raise money to send [one] girl to school and also to spread awareness about women’s education and women’s rights in this school,” said Girl Rising club leader Tia Barrier.

Education brings positive change to the world, but 62 million girls worldwide still don’t receive any education.

According to information on the Girl Rising official website, educating girls breaks the poverty cycle. Women who have received an education effectively stand up for their rights, have fewer children and do so later in life, and help their communities. Additionally, they spread their education by teaching current and future family members.

“We really want to show the importance of girls’ education,” added Barrier.

The club, which was started four years ago by teachers Amy Barrier and Sara Lea, has done multiple fundraisers, but decided to focus on worldwide gender issues this year.

“Last year we did a local thing, trying to increase young girl’s self-esteem,” said Amy Barrier. “It’s whatever [members of the club] want to do. This year we decided to do [the worldwide fundraiser].”

The goal for this year is to sponsor a year of school for one girl, requiring each Rocky student to donate about 25 cents in order to reach the $500 goal. Based on how the fundraiser has been going, more might be achievable.

“We’ve had a great response from teachers and students,” added Amy. “Hopefully, we can send two girls to school.”