The Heart of Adopt-A-Family

It’s the best time of the year!


Jenn Ducett

Adopt-A-Family preparation

Jenn Ducett, Staff Member

During the season of giving, Rocky celebrates a 21-year tradition of community by participating in the annual outreach event known as Adopt-A-Family.

Adopt-A-Family is an event at Rocky where homeroom classes bring in basic necessities and presents for children and adults to help families in our community through their holiday season.

“It’s such a great opportunity for everyone, and it’s really just mind blowing that so many people come out and so many (people) are able to be helped,” said junior, Elizabeth Miller.  

“This year we are catering to 80 families,” said Mrs. Nickel, head of the Adopt-A-Family program. The many Rocky student participants, allow Adopt-A-Family to make a huge difference in the community and in the lives of close to 400 people. Maybe the biggest difference comes in the lives of the nearly 2000 students at Rocky who participate.

“When people think of Rocky, they think of a school trying to make the community better,” said Mrs. Bartlett, secretary of San Juan offices. Bartlett is an ongoing participant in this event and she expressed that the excitement in the students when they come and see their families is one of her favorite things about it.

Freshmen don’t understand what it’s like until they’ve seen it”

— Helaina Perkins

“The atmosphere is such a surreal environment and to see how much they’re getting, some of them don’t expect a lot of presents,” said junior, Josh Marshall.

“The change in Adopt-A-Family seems to come from how big of deal we make of it at our school,” said junior Helaina Perkins “Freshmen don’t understand what it’s like until they’ve seen it.” She says that over the years that she has been going to Rocky, Adopt-A-Family has developed into something that has a lot of impact and importance on her school year.

“I get so happy I can’t stand it. I overflow with happiness,” said Mrs. Wolf, who passionately supports Adopt-A-Family and may have cried when saying this. For both staff and students it creates a warm and joyful environment that defines the Lobo way.  

“It warms up your heart to see all of the people. There’s honestly nothing like it,” said senior, Ryan Hutcherson.

Adopt-A-Family needs as much help as it can get, although the actual pick up day is limited to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students can sign up to help on this day in the front office, on November 17. However, the entire Rocky community, including freshman can participate by bringing in items for families.