B Dubs Blazin’ Wing Challenge


Colin Richie shows off his prize for completing the Blazin’ Wings Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings.

On a cold Sunday night, Collin Richie and I attempted the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Challenge. It’s eating 12 wings covered in ghost pepper sauce in six minutes. No drink or sauce during. If you puke, you lose. You have to be 18-years-old to do the challenge and have to sign a waiver before attempting. The wings are $12 and this challenge can be completed at any Buffalo Wild Wings. When the manager brings out the wings, they announce it to the restaurant and have a red flashing light on the serving tray. The sauce is 350,000 on the Scoville Units.

When the six minutes started, we both started strong and ate two wings in under 45 seconds. Once I got to the fourth wing, that’s when the spice started to hit hard. I was sweating and crying and my nose was running. I started to slow down and that was my downfall. The less you ate the more the spice caught up. I couldn’t handle the spice and failed at five wings. After I tapped out, I drank water at first which wasn’t the best choice at first. The waitress then brought out milk which was gone in under a second. My lips and face burned from the sauce and left a burn mark around my lips.

Collin kept going strong and didn’t seem fazed by the sauce, but rather the amount of food in such a short time. Collin completed the challenge with a buzzer beater and claimed the Blazin’ challenge survivor shirt. A kind soul also paid for his meal.

This challenge is not for the weak-hearted or for non spice lovers like myself. But, if you can eat quickly and enjoy very spicy food, this challenge is for you. It was an enjoyable and funny time attempting and watching Collin complete it. The afterpain of the sauce is what’s enjoyable to watch. I would definitely recommend this challenge to those who have the guts.