“She lives in daydreams with me”


Amy White

Raegan Marlow shows off one of her favorite albums.

Raegan Marlow, Contributor

December 13th, 2019, former member of One Direction, Harry Styles came out with his album “Fine Line.” This album is supported by four singles, “Watermelon Sugar,” “Adore You,” “Lights Up,”, and “Falling.” Rolling Stone released an interview with Styles back in August 2019, where he explained that his album was “all about having sex and being sad.” Styles even admitted to taking psychedelics in the process of writing this album. “Fine Line” has been described as pop, rock and pop-rock, it also includes elements of indie pop, folk, and psychedelic pop.

“Golden” 6/10
This album has 12 songs, the first being “Golden.” This was one of the last songs I listened to when I first heard this album. On first impressions, this song was not my favorite. The meaning of the lyrics did not touch me as much as some of the other songs, but I do enjoy the chorus. It has a very upbeat rhythm and I do enjoy the song the more I listen to it.

“Watermelon Sugar” 6/10
The second song on this album is “Watermelon Sugar.” This song was the first I heard of this album. I enjoyed it plenty, but the repetitiveness of the song played on the radio did change how I feel about it. The song is positive and uplifting; it brought a fun side to the album.

“Adore You” 4/10
“Adore You” came out with a music video on December 6th, 2019. This song has the same feel as “Golden,” but this song, as well as “Watermelon Sugar,” has been overplayed on the radio.

“Lights Up” 5/10
This song reminds me of “Golden.” It has a relaxing feel to it at first and becomes more upbeat as the song goes on. Not completely sure how I feel about his voice in this song; it seems different than normal and more high.

“Cherry” 9/10
This is one of my favorite songs. “Cherry ” was one of the first songs I heard on the album and the feeling is so relaxing. I really enjoy the chorus and Styles’ voice sounds the best to me in this song. The only part I don’t love is the length of the song, it could be a little shorter.

“Falling” 10/10
This is my favorite song on the album; it is a very deep, emotional song, but I love the piano and the sound of his voice. The recently released music video for this song is also very beautiful. Styles’ vocals in this song during the chorus are the best I have ever heard them: a gorgeous song.

“She” 10/10
This is my other favorite song on this album. I don’t know how to explain it well, but I love the rythm and the vibe of “She.” It’s a very emotional and sensual song. The chorus is amazing and I love the sound of it. This is the longest song on the album, but I don’t mind the length at all.

“Sunflower, Vol. 6” 7/10
This song is also a very enjoyable song. It has an upbeat and positive feel to the song. I originally did not like this song, but the more I started to listen to it, I started to love it. The title also just makes me feel like it influences the positivity of the song.

“Fine Line” 9/10
This is the perfect song to end the album. The song seems a little lengthy at first, but the beauty of the song makes up for it. The song is very sad and emotional but I do appreciate that it just repeats “We’ll be alright.” As a positive reassuring message for the end of an album.

With this new album out, Styles’ has announced his “Love On” 2020 Tour. If you want to buy Styles’ new album, it is out in stores now from $5.99-$23.99.