Foreign Exchange Students Say Good-bye to Rocky

Torie Wolf, Staff Writer

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  • Illaria Fezzi is a student from Italy. She has loved getting involved here at Rocky with things like unified sports and managing the boys swim team. One of the biggest differences between the US and Italy is, “Strangers are so nice here and everyone in general is but some people are snakes so watch out.” It makes sense then that the thing she said she will miss the most about the the US is, “all of my new American friends.” As well as fettuccine alfredo! That’s right, folks, in Italy they don’t know what fettuccine alfredo is!

  • Daniel Landero Meva is from Spain. Of course, being a high school boy and all, his favorite thing about America is all the different types of food we have. “I can eat Chinese, Mexican, a hamburger, and sushi all in the same day.” The biggest difference between Spain and the US is futbul or what we call soccer games. “In America futbul isn’t what all the students go and watch, unlike in Spain. In America you guys like American football.”

  • Paula Bueno LOVES playing on the Unified team and her new unified family here at Rocky. “In spain our classrooms aren’t integrated like they are here,” she explained. She also likes the fact that here we get to pick our own classes and that kids go and support the Rocky athletic teams. Although she is sad to leave Colorado, she can’t wait to go to the beach when she gets home.

  • Eduardo Molinari said, “The school system in Italy is completely different than in the States.” He explained that in Italy you kinda have to decide what you want your job to be after middle school. Depending on what you decide, you go to a specialized high school like arts and theater, foreign language, environmental science, etc. Or you can go to a school that teaches you to be a plumber or a welder, etc. In Italy they don’t have fast food so Eduardo is really going to miss Raising Cane’s and their sauce!

  • Juliana Imark is from Brazil and she is on the JV soccer team here at Rocky. “In Brazil, only boys play soccer; if a girl plays they are considered weird and that is why I was so excited to join in America because that isn’t the case,” she said. She thinks it is weird that we drive cars in high school because in Brazil the driving age is 18 and if you are an 18-year-old driving a car you are considered “rich.” When Juliana leaves she is really going to miss Chick-Fil-A and her team but is excited to see her Brazilian friends and tell all of them about America.

  • Petro Pedetta misses riding his motorcycle through Italy as well as his family. In Italy you can drive a motorcycle at 14 but a car at 18. He said the first thing he will do when he goes home is eat pizza, “American pizza is good to but it's so different than Italy’s. Italy’s pizza is still way better.” When asked what the weirdest thing Americans put on pizza is, Eduardo mentioned chicken, avocado and cream cheese but decided PINEAPPLE was the absolute weirdest. “If you asked for pineapple on pizza in Italy you wouldn’t be an Italian anymore.”

  • Karolin Opitz is a foreign exchange student from Germany. She said that the biggest difference between America and Germany is transportation. “You might think it’s weird, but at home we either ride our bikes or ride the bus.” In Germany the age to drive is 18, so no high school kids drive to school. When it comes to food, Karolin explains that their biggest meal of the day is lunch and for dinner they really never eat hot food. Instead, they eat sandwiches and salad, food of that sort. They also eat bread with about every meal.