Who’s the Goodest Boy?

Mia Stolpe, Staff writer

Who is the goodest boy?

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Hi, I’m Huckleberry and I’m a little chubby, but I wiggle when I walk and my best friend is a stuffed puppy I can’t go anywhere without.













My name’s Charlie and once I ran away into the mountains and came back home after six days.













Hello, I’m Arlo and I’m very fluffy and floppy and I have a fat head and small ears.















My name’s Cooper and I am magic.














Hi, I’m Bear and I’m a hurricane Harvey survivor and a very good boy.















My name is Rex and I can jump through hula hoops!














I am Bruno Bojangles Hand. I’m immune to chocolate and I love cheese. I give love to everyone and there’s a spot on my belly that makes my leg kick.









The name’s Osito and I am an icon.














My name is Missy and I’m 13 but I still think I’m a puppy. I’m up for any adventure!














My name’s Walter and I’ll understand you, make you laugh, bring you toys to play fetch, lick the tears off of your eyes and nap with you!