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Concurrent Enrollment: Free College in High School.


Courtesy of Front Range Community College.

Cedric Culhane, Staff Writer

 Rocky Mountain High School offers a lot of secondary educational opportunities on campus which allow high school students to get college credit: One such opportunity is the Concurrent Enrollment program.

The Concurrent Enrollment Program allows students to attend CSU, Aims, or Front Range community colleges with their tuition paid for by the Poudre School District during their junior or senior year. Mrs. McCoy, who handles concurrent enrollment, said, “The biggest thing is the district will pay for it.” Front Range charges $211.90 per credit hour and up to $401.50 at CSU. Utilizing the concurrent enrollment program saves students a considerable amount of money.

From personal experience, this is a great opportunity for students regardless of their career path. Students planning to attend a four-year university can get some basic courses done for free. Students planning to go straight to a career after high school can take some technical training at community college expanding their range of trade skills.

Courses available to high school students range from science to history, or welding and engine building. Everyone can find a class they enjoy in a friendly university environment paid for by the district.

 McCoy also pointed out the advantage of Rocky’s block schedule which gives students enough time to take college courses while still taking high school courses at Rocky.

Enrollment starts in October. Any student interested should look for announcements as well as speak to their counselor about their options. Students can look online for courses available and see Ms. McCoy for more information for an opportunity.