New Coach Hopes to Rebound Team


Van Dougherty

New basketball coach talks to team

Jenn Ducett, Staff Member


The new women’s basketball coach, Justine France, is working on creating a different and competitive environment that builds confidence in the players and enhances skills along the way.

So far the girls have shown great commitment and have improved immensely in their fundamental skill,” France said. She explained that basketball is hard work, but it has paid off, as the girls are doing especially well for having a new coach. Changing the dynamics of the team has worked out well for them.

France explained that coaching is something that is in her blood. Before beginning her coaching career she was a working in the sports industry managing basketball events. She loves coaching and being a part of the team much more. France intends to work very hard to help her team become the best they possibly can be.

We’re always trying out new things to become better as a team”

— Alli Siclair

“She has been working hard to not make mistakes a bad thing,” said Alli Sinclair, junior. “We’re always trying out new things to become better as a team.” She went on to say that she feels that they are getting closer as a team and she has grown very fond of her teammates. Sinclair says that their chemistry as a team has become improved a lot, despite the hurdles of having a new coach leading the program. She says that she enjoys the coach and thinks that coaching is very much in France’s nature.

“I’ve always had an affinity for [coaching]. Everything seems a little bit more right with the world when I am coaching,” France commented.

Creating a fun and memorable environment is essential to the way she wants to run the basketball program.