Junior-Senior Wars


A screenshot of photos from Instagram on the junior-senior wars last year. @juiorseniorwars2022

Every year during homecoming week, seniors and juniors compete in a “war” where they vandalize each other’s property. Around fifty to seventy students from both the junior and senior classes participate. While the purpose was initially for fun–just TP-ing and lighthearted fun, the Junior-Senior War has gone too far.

Students vandalize houses using things such as toilet paper, silly string, eggs, flowers, chocolate syrup, and plastic forks. While these actions seem harmless, they can have serious consequences.

“…Depending on what they get caught with [makes a difference]…” Rocky Dean Russell Stapelton explained. For example, paintball guns, which are “highly illegal [on campus]” and considered as weapons, have been found on campuses in the past. If they are found this year, they will be confiscated and that will result in legal action and consequences.

Many students aren’t participating because, as athletes, the consequences that this war could have on their sport commitment could be important, such as being cut from the team. Others are simply not interested in participating. Students who don’t participate would most likely not be targeted.

Parents have been complaining to the school about vandalism on their properties and are searching for solutions. They’re have been many “pranks” that have been taken too far in the past, some examples include multiple bags of sand dumped onto cars, racially motivated statements written on driveways and sidewalks, and leaving feces on front doors.

These examples are not funny. They are not acceptable for this week. Homecoming week is organized to celebrate our school spirit, these examples aren’t part of the Lobo Way.

Fossil Ridge High School recently had problems with their junior-senior wars. One student even hit a car and left–a hit and run from a legal standpoint, and a ticketed offense when they are caught. Many Fossil students were ticketed with some fines and they have to pay for restitution.

Lobos, let’s make sure we are all having fun during this homecoming week, while staying safe and being respectful of other people’s property!