Rocky’s 50th Back to School Assembly Rejuvenates School Spirit


Amy White

Cheerleaders welcome students into the Back to School Assembly on August 19.

On August 19, at what would normally be the start of second period, Rocky Mountain High School’s population of roughly 2,300 crowded into the main gym to begin their 50th back-to-school assembly. 

Led by this year’s student body president, Skylar Haase, the Student Council welcomed the new Lobo Nation accompanied by the school’s spirit band. 

The assembly included its usual competitive games among classes and greeted new staff with high energy. “I just really enjoy the vibe and getting hyped,” said senior Raven Chamberlain-Whaley, solidifying the excitement for the new school year. 

For the assembly, the school was divided into sections by grade and everyone was hyped up by senior Nora McCance with the traditional school chants and renowned school rollercoaster. 

“I missed everything from before covid and I really enjoyed performing in front of everyone again,” remarked Sara Lujan, who is also in her last year at Rocky. After two years of covid regulations, Lujan shared the school’s enthusiasm for extracurricular activities being back in full force.  

The assembly itself was the first indoor back to school assembly since 2020 and a first step to getting back to normal. Almost the entire school was back in the gym with no masks and less worry than the previous year.

Larissa Schendel, a Rocky alum and now teacher, only added to the positive spirit. “I loved the energy and the feeling of everything going back to normal,” she said. Schendel is in her 20th year teaching and made it clear just how much she appreciates the Lobo Way. 

Other groups made an appearance to show their support for the general student body and increase the excitement. Rocky’s Prima Voce sang the National Anthem and Rocky’s varsity dance team performed a quick group dance with new team leaders Dylann Monnett, Sara Lujan, and Lily Dubin at point. 

There was some more entertainment and games, like the class Tug-of-War, a $5 Friday that was $50, and the Peer Counselors who arrived decked out in 80s aerobic fashion. Around 11:10, the energy had died down and the principal Dr. Craig Woodall walked up for some closing remarks. 

Dr. Woodall gave his thanks to the custodial staff, which was met with thunderous applause. He welcomed the new freshmen and congratulated the seniors on their final year, along with the sophomores and juniors for making it another year. Although the sound system seemed to be struggling, Dr. Woodall was loud and clear when he emphasized the Lobo Way and the new hall and class norms for the year before dismissing the assembly. 

Dr. Woodall did not close this year’s assembly with his usual worm, much to the dismay of the upperclassmen. Regardless, it would appear the assembly was incredibly successful at raising morale and excitement for the 50th year since Rocky Mountain High School’s opening.