The Simpsons Have Again Predicted the Future! How Long Has This Been Going On And To What Extent?


One of the longest running series ever, The Simpsons has also predicted many world events.

Lilah Claycomb, Staff Writer

The Simpsons has captivated audience ever since its first episode’s release in 1989. The show is still on after 31 seasons and it has only gotten more popular over time. The Simpson’s more recent claim to fame, besides its distorted humour, is its seemingly uncanny ability to predict the future. Fans have found over 50 predictions in The Simpsons that have since come true–from something as small as a minor convention and a three-eyed fish to the election of the current president and the coronavirus.

One episode that was aired November 1, 1990, called “Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish, ” told of Bart finding a three-eyed fish in a contaminated reservoir. Not long after the episode, a fish was discovered in the water near an energy plant that had three eyes.

An episode called “Lisa’s Sax” first aired on October 19, 1997, and seems to have predicted the Ebola virus. In the episode, Marge offers her brother, Bart, a book that reads “Curious George and the Ebola virus.” Of course, the Ebola virus began to spread shortly after. This was one of the first predictions of many that occurred during the 31 seasons of The Simpsons.

Much like the episode in 1997, an episode called “Marge in Chains” was released in 1993 and seems to have been able to predict the coronavirus which has recently popped up in China. In the episode, multiple workers are seen coughing into a box and shipping it around the world and the box is labelled with the word coronavirus on it. For obvious reasons, people have recently been getting very upset about this specific one since the coronavirus is very relevant to our time.

People have also gotten upset about relevant episodes like the one that predicted Trump winning the election. This prediction was the biggest out of all of them by far, having been one of the most surprising predictions. “Bart to the Future,” first broadcast in 2000, and was obviously produced before Trump began even considering running, making it even more shocking.

“The Simpsons,” is also known for its depictions of scandals throughout its history and a few of those predictions have come true too.

In Season 25, Episode 16, there was a plot that revealed a corruption scandal in FIFA. Oddly enough, there was then revealed to be a major scandal in FIFA, shocking fans of the show and the sport. This was one of the bigger, more specific parts of the show’s prediction history.

Similarly, the show uncovered a scandal in the food industry after airing an episode that showed a woman stuffing horse meat into a canister. Of course, later it was revealed that a few major food companies had, in fact, been including horse meat in their product without their customer’s knowledge, a truly gruesome realization.

At 2020 begins, perhaps we should all look to The Simpsons to see where it might end!