Why is Baby Yoda So Cute: The Explanation Everyone Has Been Waiting For

Baby Yoda memes are springing up everywhere as his (her?) appeal is universal.

Baby Yoda memes are springing up everywhere as his (her?) appeal is universal.

Lilah Claycomb, Staff Writer

Ever since the Disney+ release of The Mandalorian, the internet has been hooked on the mysteriously adorable “Baby Yoda.” The small green creature first appeared peeking his head out from his floating space crib to greet the Mandalorian, who is taken by the child’s cute face as quickly as the audience.

Because a name for the species was never released–only called “the child” in the series–the name “Baby Yoda” has attached itself to the wrinkly green infant. Ironically, the name has remained despite the leaked fact that the alien is actually around 50 years old.

Despite his age, Baby Yoda Has been deemed by many as the world’s cutest creature. The real question surrounding sceptics thoughts is why? What about this new alien has the world saying, “Awww!” The answer is more simple than you would think.

Baby Yoda was made to have features that resemble a baby. A disproportionately large head, adorably wide eyes, and tiny, pawlike hands are all features of a human child. The parental instincts we all have programed into our minds cause us to feel an instinctual need to protect when recognizing those with the features of a child.

Our need to protect is not just limited to human infants and green aliens. The same instinct is activated when we see kittens, puppies, or any other baby animals. Humans also react to sounds of infantile distress like crying. One thing that remains a mystery, however, is why we find Baby Yoda to be so much cuter than baby animals that exist.

His exaggerated features may explain this. No living animal looks like the alien or is able to possess those characteristics without being physically unhealthy. Infant features blown up to be as cute as possible make it so that people cannot resist his adorable face. Baby Yoda is the perfect creation made by animators to wow the world.

Though many remain unhappy with the world’s love for Baby Yoda, “the child” has impacted internet users for the better. With the current turmoil and conflict constantly shifting around us, finding an innocent, and adorable common interest has helped people connect and has provided light for everyone who sees him.