Changes Could Bring Charges


Caitlin Genschoreck

This map clearly shows the parking lots in which students are allowed to park and students need to look and see where their corresponding parking lot is. The overflow lot is now open to any student at Rocky.


A new year means new rules. Many of these new rules are about the parking at Rocky, and not all students know about the changes regarding these new policies.


The first major change is in regard to the price of the parking pass. It has increased from free to $25 this year.


The money the school earns from the parking pass goes to many different things from gift cards for practicing safe driving to helping Rocky’s new Campus Security Officer (CSO) ensure students are being safe.


Students who have a parking pass from previous years are “grandfathered” in to the new rule and do not have to pay for it. To receive a valid parking hanger, students must follow three steps.


First, complete vehicle registration card at the CSO’s desk. Next, pay the fee window $25. Lastly, bring vehicle registration, proof of insurance, driver’s license, and receipt of the payment to the Dean’s office or CSO’s desk.

The parking pass is not the only change in the parking situation. Another change is the organization of the Rocky parking lots. The westernmost parking lot, closest to the school, is senior parking. Directly across from this is the freshman, sophomore, and junior lot. The southernmost parking lot,diagonal from senior parking is the overflow lot. This lot is now for any student who cannot find parking in the lot corresponding to his or her grade. In years past, this lot has been solely for senior parking overflow.


All I know is that the senior overflow lot is now the overflow for everyone. It is annoying when you have first period off because the senior lot is full and the overflow is really full too. I think it’s unfair that you wait four years to have the right to park closer to the building just to have it ripped away from you.

— Fiona Oliver

Violations are not tolerated in the Rocky parking lot at any time.The Traffic and Parking Rules Handout states, “Any student driver who receives more than two parking and/or driving violations will be required to forfeit his or her parking hanger immediately. On-campus parking privileges will also be forfeited for a time determined by administration, and a required $25 parking hanger replacement fee must be paid. A single careless/reckless violation…will also include an immediate loss of on-campus parking privileges. Find more information here.

All of these changes have sparked a lot of controversy among the Rocky community. Students are not all aware of the changes and many are unhappy with the changes.


The most intriguing finding from talking to students is that many do not know about all of these changes. Emery Vischer, also a senior, explain, “I didn’t know there was a change in the price of the parking pass, but I knew the senior overflow lot is open to everyone now.

That’s whack. Other than that, I don’t remember paying for my parking pass so I don’t really care about the price change.”


The deans emphasized that all of these changes are for the safety and well-being of the students and staff at Rocky. Student drivers need to remember to always follow the rules in the parking lot and refresh their memory about the violations before getting a ticket. Stay safe, ‘bos.