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Selfie Spots

Taylor Barella, Staff Writer

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Most Rocky students see their peers selfies on social media, but they’re always in the worst parts of the schools, for example, the messy bathrooms.

Rocky Community, I’m going to help you out here. I have investigated around the school and found places with better backgrounds and better lighting for your selfies. No need to take pictures in the bathrooms where there are toilet paper and towels all over the floor, as well the toilet that is just sitting in the background. We can do better, Rocky!

The first option is the Rocks. The Rocks are a common place to take good pictures, but the best background, where there is good lighting from the ceiling windows, is in front of the courtyard.


Max Hand and I take a photo on the Rocks.

Another option is the athletic doors. The athletic doors are a good place for pictures if you want a little more privacy as well as the good lighting from the doors walking out to the senior parking lot.

For all you mirror selfie girls, the multi-purpose room can become your new best friend. This is literally a room full of mirrors! It is taken care of and not trashed. The room is big and beautiful and has great lighting from the huge windows. This will make your mirror selfies look more classy.


The art hallway is a unique hallway with wide windows and a brick wall across from

Max Hand and I take a good lighting photo in the Art hallway.

 the windows. It has really good lighting as well from the courtyard and the hallway can have some artwork up that could very well be post worthy and offer a unique look to your photo.


I have brought up the courtyard a couple of times as a background, but I believe going outside and taking pictures would give your followers a different peek at your life. take pictures in the same place every day. The weather is getting nice, so go outside and take a picture.

Max Hand And I head out to the Courtyard in the hot sun for a funny picture.


Lastly, a great open space would be the square. The square is a common place for people to pose and take pictures with their friends.  This is a spot with good lighting and enough open space to do fun pictures with your friends.


Rocky, boys and girls, we can take better pictures in better places. Step up your game. Your background does not have to look trashed.



3 Responses to “Selfie Spots”

  1. Kaya Brown on May 10th, 2018 9:17 am

    Wow this story was phenomenal. It was really relatable because I love taking pictures of myself and the background deserves to be as beautiful as me.

  2. Max Jeppson on May 10th, 2018 9:26 am

    Even though I don’t take selfies it’s nice to know where the best places are for taking pictures and shooting videos in general

  3. Payton on May 10th, 2018 9:35 am

    Really lighthearted and happy tone, with actually good information. Good job!

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Selfie Spots