Fliers Update

Emma Mackey , Staff Writer

Rocky students may have noticed fliers regarding the walk out scheduled for February 27 have been taken down by administrators. In the spirit of providing students with as much information as possible, The Highlighter spoke to Mr. Stapleton about the reasons why and the proper protocol that students can follow if they would like to advertise within the building.


According to an email sent out to teachers by Ms. Bennett, the posters were removed for reasons unrelated to the content of the posters. The email reads, “The fliers were not approved by the main office and we have taken them down like we do with other fliers that are not approved.”


After speaking to Stapleton about the issue, he clarified that not only are there regulations to make sure that only dean-approved posters end up on the walls, but that there are certain areas where they want posters to go. When asked about the reasoning behind this he explained that it’s merely an issue of clutter. Administrators like to keep the school looking as nice as it can, managing posters is only a small part of their efforts to do so.


For students who would like to put more posters up regarding any school clubs or the walk out, they should first go to the dean’s office and make sure they receive the literal stamp of approval before posting them throughout the school.


When advertising and putting up posters in the school, it is important that students follow regulations to properly highlight their event or activity. Any information that is posted should be accurate and should not contradict other posters that have been put up. Students must be adamant about the level of professionalism when making posters.


Rocky hopes to have the TVs up and running by 4th quarter which will change the way that things will be presented to the deans for advertisement. Clubs and students with information they wish to share will be creating slides of some format that will be rotated on the screens throughout the day. However, until that happens, the deans require approval for anything put up on the walls throughout the halls.


Keep spreading the word about things that you care about, Rocky, just be sure that you do so in an appropriate way and remember to consider the feelings and opinions of others. For students who are attending the walk out on February 27th, keep in mind that parents will have to excuse any absences as teachers are legally required to mark you absent. Be safe and be kind.