Winter Luau Around the Corner

Student Council Hosts the Annual Winter Dance


Jenn Ducett

Sculptures created by sophomore Regan Ostler and junior Bobby Swerer.

Jenn Ducett, Assistant Editor


This February, Student Council is bringing us a little slice of summer-in-winter in the form a luau winter informal dance.

Outside of the dancing, there will be games and an open courtyard. This is the third year of the winter informal as opposed to the traditional formal or Sadie Hawkins. It’s very casual and all about socializing; not pressure.

Although it’s a luau themed dance, the school dress codes still applies, meaning no coconut bras, bathing suits or hula skirts. Student Council wants to encourage attendees to dress to the theme. Dances often including hours of preparation and decoration, and dressing to the theme encourages a more lit environment.  

“Winter dances are not formal events because we want an atmosphere to be a fun and relaxed place for everyone to hang out at, without the normal pressure of a typical formal event,” said sophomore Student Council representative Lauren Axe .

Like the past two years, the disc jockey will be DJ Drake. Due to the students’ fluctuating opinion about the playlists in the past, this year Student Council is taking steps to improve the music, including providing a list of songs and encouraging him not to jump from song to song too rapidly. Student Council’s playlist is focused on popular music among high schoolers instead of club music.

I love going to the winter dance and hanging out with my friends, jamming to good music, and having a good time just socializing”

— Amanda Marmor

“I love going to the winter dance and hanging out with my friends, jamming to good music, and  having a good time just socializing,” senior Amanda Marmor said.

Ticket sales start on Monday, February 6, with a special discount price of $5, then continue the rest of the week at the price of $7 for singles and $11 for doubles. Sales will be on The Rocks during lunch. The dance starts at 7:00 pm and goes until 10:00 pm on February 11.