Tommy Davis, “The Guy Who Walks Around the Hall Rapping”


Jenn Ducett

Sophomore Tommy Davis

Jenn Ducett, Staff Member


Everyone knows the “hallway rapper guy,” but does everyone know Tommy Davis?

“I’ve had a crazy life,” Davis, 16, said. Davis is an amazing example of the ups and down of young adulthood.

“When I was, like, 10, I would walk in my house and just see meth pipes laying around,”  Davis said. “I left my home because it was so bad, and I was on the street and stealing things so that my little sister and I could make money and eat.”

 “I moved into my older sister’s house and got snitched on for selling drugs at school in the 8th grade, and I got put on probation, eventually put on an ankle monitor, and then ended up going to [Platte Valley Youth Service Center],” Davis said.

Davis eventually joined the foster care system and said his experience going into foster care wasn’t what he wanted. He ran away from his foster home a lot and ended up going to The Matthews House, an organization that encourages families and teens to become self-sufficient.

I can say that I’m glad all of this happened. If that didn’t happen, I would not be who I am today”

— Tommy Davis


“I was adopted from The Matthews House by this guy named Adam. He had worked there and was sort of a mentor to me. We developed a really good relationship,” explained Davis. He continued to explain how influential Adam and The Matthew House were in creating a better life for himself.

“Ever since then, I have been clean and have been learning how to go to school and live like an actual person, developing my intelligence and my leaderships,” Davis explains. “Ever since then, that’s what I’ve been doing, and my whole life mission is to help people.”

Davis conveyed the fact that his past experiences have shaped who he is today and helped develop his perspective on the world. He raps around the halls because he wants people to know that he is happy and that he would like everyone else to be happy.

“I can say that I’m glad all of this happened. If that didn’t happen, I would not be who I am today,” Davis emphasizes that he is able to fight and pick himself up from tough situations, and does not feel that this was at all a bad things; it’s all just something that makes him a lot stronger in the long run.


And in case you were wondering, he is listening to Chance The Rapper.