Netflix Binge Review

The Office

Ravyn Cullor, Web Editor

I laughed, I cried, I fell in love, and I binged, hard core, on “The Office.”

“The Office,” which ran from 2005 to 2013, has been nominated for and won innumerable awards. The show launched the careers of actors like John Krasinski , Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, and featured some already known actors like Steve Carell. It was produced in a documentary style, like “Parks and Rec” (but they did it first), and was meant to tell the story of a run-of-the-mill paper company in Pennsylvania, and the lives of those who work there.

Every time I’ve binged on this show I’ve been sick, which has been perfect, because the vibe of the show is pretty chill. “The Office” is, shockingly enough, not a thriller. No part of the show is meant to be super exciting, which can be a bit annoying if you are looking for a show with more flash or a faster moving story. But, for someone looking to relax, it’s just the right level of entertainment.

For the most part, the show is a comedy; their particular brand of comedy is a mixed bag. The best way I can describe the comedy is like watching a really slow train crash. For instance, in one episode, the boss, Michael Scott, tries to help increase workplace racial sensitivity by having the staff play what is essentially racial Headbands. Needless to say, things get racist, and the staff is highly offended. The way the writers did the episode was hilarious and addressed workplace racism, but made your skin crawl a bit as you see the whole thing go down. That’s how the whole show is, and I know for a fact that flavor of comedy is not some people’s cup of tea.

All of the characters are lovable in their own way, and definitely people you can find in your everyday life. There’s the class clown, the weird guy, the super judgmental one, the teddy bear, the grumpus, the grandma-y lady, the gossip, the cool guy, and so many others that get you invested in the plot line.

The long term story is the romance of our time that addresses the hands down worst part of having a crush: the friendzone. The love story is the romance everyone who has ever been friendzoned aspires for, but still shows the pain behind many parts of real world relationships.

With sidesplitting humor, lovable characters, multiple romances, and nine seasons, “The Office” is a perfect Netflix binge for the chill binger. I look forward to watching it again the next time I get the flu. It makes you feel things, man.