2022 NFL Playoff Predictions

The 2022 NFL Playoffs start this weekend, and as usual, so do predictions. The Playoffs this year seem to have an excess of not particularly close matchups, but it is the NFL so any given Sunday. And with that, here are my NFL playoff predictions.


Bengals V.S. Raiders

The Raiders are coming off of a stunning Sunday Night game against the Chargers that came down to some crazy 4th down conversions by the Chargers, a couple good runs by the Raiders, an odd timeout call by the Chargers, and a last second field goal that eliminated the Chargers from the playoffs. However, the Raiders are playing at Cincinnati against a very high-powered Cincy offense featuring the likes of Joe Mixon, Joe Burrow, and should be ROTY Ja’Marr Chase. The Raiders are obviously a playoff caliber team, and will probably lean on their pro-bowl rusher Maxx Crosby who will be working against a backup. Despite this, I think the Bengals bring this one home, at home.


Final Score: Cincinnati 35, Las Vegas 24


Chiefs V.S. Steelers

This is arguably the most lopsided matchup on paper, as the high powered Chiefs take on the Old-man led Steelers. The Chiefs dominated Pittsburgh in their week 16 matchup winning 36-10 in what could hardly be called a competition. However, this Pittsburgh team has a chip on their shoulder, as they entered week 18 with a less than 15% chance of making the playoffs, and with an abundance of doubters. Their Veteran QB Ben Rothelisberger is almost certainly in his last season, and he will look to leave it all on the field and have fun this unlikely playoff run. Sadly, for my Steelers, a chip on your shoulder doesn’t win football games. I’ve got the Chiefs, but don’t be surprised if the Steelers make this game close for no reason.


Final Score: Kansas City 24, Pittsburgh 21


Patriots V.S. Bills

The Buffalo Bills entered the season as Super Bowl favorites for many, but have been quite disappointing this season–not at all looking like the team we all thought they’d be. They haven’t, however, been bad, as their star QB Josh Allen has been very good this year, keeping them very much in contention for a ring this year. The patriots this year have had an almost opposite course as the Bills, as no one expected them to do anything this year, and they are greatly exceeding expectations. Rookie QB Mac Jones has been the best rookie QB by far, and the defense has been absolutely stellar. This game is expected to be below 0, which is in fact the only reason I think the Patriots are going to win. Allen hasn’t been great in the cold, and the Patriots have a very strong run game, matching them up well with the Bills weakness of run defense. This one won’t be too fun to watch. Also, never bet against Bill Belichick.


Final Score: New England 10, Buffalo 7


Cardinals V.S. Rams

This is, in my opinion, the best and most exciting wildcard matchup we get to watch this year. These teams split this year with the Cardinals winning the first matchup and the Rams taking the second. The Cardinals are sadly missing their #1 receiver this game, and I think that’ll be one of the deciding factors. The Rams have more experience with Veteran QB Matthew Staford at the helm of the offense, and the likes of Von Miller and Jalen Ramsey on the defensive end. I think the Rams control this game all the way through although it stays close.


Final Score: Las Angeles 35, Arizona 28


San Francisco V.S. Dallas

The 49ers won in a thriller last week against the Rams that let them into the playoffs, and will probably hold that energy coming into this wildcard weekend. Deebo Samuel has been electric this season and the 9ers will likely look to utilize him this week and get him the ball as often as possible. Luckily for the Cowboys, they have Michah Parsons, one of the most generational talents the NFL has seen in a while. Rushing the QB, dropping into coverage, stopping the run, Parsons has been able to do it all. He will likely be the Cowboys key to success as he will disrupt the 49ers offense and force as many errors as possible. The Cowboys offense has the potential to be very explosive, and they’ll need it to be that way to win this matchup, which I think they will.


Final Score: Dallas 42, San Francisco 33


Eagles V.S. Tampa Bay

Poor, poor Philadelphia. They get the Buccaneers in the first round and I don’t think this will be close. Buccaneers QB Tom Brady transcends to a different dimension in the playoffs, and the Eagles have yet to beat a playoff team this year. This game won’t be close.


Final Score: Tampa Bay 33, Philadelphia 14


Titans V.S. Patriots

Now the matchups listed from here on out are all only going to happen if my predictions have been perfect, so lets pretend like they will be. The Titans V.S. Patriots is going to be a great game, and I think this one will be very close. The Titans  will look to capitalize on big plays, Derrick Henry, and force Patriots QB Mac Jones to make mistakes. The Patriots will look to out coach Tennessee behind NFL Mastermind Bill Belichick. If the Patriots can rush for over 150 yards, they will win this game. If they can’t, I don’t think Belichick’s coaching is enough to beat the Tennessee offense. This one is going to be really close, but I have Tennessee in a nail biter.


Final Score: Tennessee 27, New England 24


Chiefs V.S. Bengals

This game has already happened and the Chiefs got torched. Their offense put up an impressive 31 points, and their weak defense allowed 34 points on 266 yards from Ja’Marr Chase. However, since then the Chiefs have been back on track and their defense has looked stellar. The Bengals will look to get their stars going early, and if they do, they will make this a very good game. If the skill positions for the Bengals don’t show up for Cincinnati, their offense will not be enough to compete with Kansas City. I think that Kansas City is the better team here even if the skill positions do break out for Cincinnati


Final Score: Kansas City 30, Cincinnati 28


Cowboys V.S. Buccaneers

This was one of the best games of the whole season, and it was the first game. The Cowboys barely lost, and I strongly believe that they have found their identity since then. Their defense is good with Parsons everywhere at once, and Randy Gregory on the edge. Sadly, their opponent is Tom Brady. If this game happens, I will be rooting for Dallas whole-heartedly, but even though Tampa Bay is riddled with injuries, I think they pull this one out.


Final Score: Tampa Bay 32, Cowboys 30


Rams V.S. Packers

The Packers have been the best team in the NFL this year, and they have been very injured. They will hopefully get All-pro caliber tackle David Bakhtiari, and similarly good CB Jaire Alexander back. Even without those two, I think Green Bay is just too talented for the Rams to handle, and Aaron Rodgers will look to show why he is the MVP against a very good Los Angeles defense.


Final Score: Green Bay 24, Los Angeles 17


Kansas City V.S. Tennessee 

We’ve seen this game before in week 7, and it wasn’t close. The Chiefs offense was abysmal, scoring only three points, and their defense allowed 27 points. The Chiefs have added Melvin Ingram since and he has been a huge asset for them, providing pass rush and run defense. The Titans will have team MVP Derrick Henry back and they’ll need a huge game from him. This will be a very good game and will probably come down to which defense makes fewer mistakes, but I have the Chiefs in a high-scoring game.


Final Score: Kansas City 40, Tennessee 35


Green Bay V.S. Tampa Bay

A rematch of last year’s NFC Championship, and once again Aaron Rodgers is the expected MVP, and Tom Brady isn’t too far behind. The Packers will have home field advantage as well as a better rested roster, what with their first round bye. Tom Brady will look to find and expose aspects of the Green Bay defense through the air, but I think that will be hard with Tampa’s wildy injured wide receiver core. The addition of star cornerback Jaire Alexander for Green Bay may just be the nail in the coffin for Tampa Bay. Green Bay is just too healthy at the right time, they win this game.


Final Score: Green Bay 28, Tampa Bay 20


Green Bay V.S. Kansas City

This is probably the most popular and likely Super Bowl matchup, and I have very high hopes for it. Two high powered and star-studded offenses, paired with unexpectedly good defenses will make this a very good Super Bowl. Both Quarterbacks will be on missions, as Rodgers has fallen short of a Super Bowl so many times, and Mahomes lost last year, and I expect amazing games from both of them. I do however think that the Packers will be the 2022 Super Bowl champions, as they once again got healthy at the right time. They had the best record in the NFL at 13-4 without many of their star pieces, and now they get them back.


Final Score: Green Bay 33, Kansas City, 31