RMHS softball, Playing In COVID19


Ella Haller

Shay Salazar, RMHS starting varsity first baseman hits to deep left field for a double.

Ella Haller, Staff Writer

COVID19 has impacted many aspects of the 2020-21 school year, including the sports schedule. School is not open for in person sessions, however school sports are proceeding to some extent. The fall season usually includes football, but this school year it only includes boys golf, boys tennis, cross country, and softball. 

Social distancing, among other COVID19 safety precautions, is now a vital piece of the Rocky Mountain High School athletic program. Many sports, softball in particular, have been exploring new horizons as the pandemic evolves. 

The team has normalized ball sanitation, masked dugouts and six-feet of distance between players and coaches at all times. During games, masks are worn constantly unless playing on the field. Each team provides their own game balls to avoid cross contamination, dugouts only contain two players at a time in addition to coaches. 

Looking at the RMHS softball program specifically, coaches have high expectations for the season as it continues. “Rocky stands out to me because we’re more of a program than others in the district. Not only do we have high expectations for individuals, we work and look out for the group as a whole,” Assistant Varsity Coach Mel Stagihar said.

The lady Bos have won only a third of their games played so far, but coaches predict the season to make a turn for the better. “I see the season going up from here; we know our strengths; we know our weaknesses, and we’ve had our share of mistakes,” Stagihar added. 

CHASA, Colorado High School Sports Association, has the right to cancel the 2020 season at any time if officials consider player/coach/audience health to be at risk. The season’s continuation may not be guaranteed, but Rocky’s athletes will proceed with caution as they embark in the new world of pandemic sports.