Some Ways to Stay Entertained During Coronacation


Della Fisher, Staff Writer

Coronavirus has turned the entire world upside down and public schools have not been exempt from this pandemic. Rocky Mountain High School, like all Colorado schools, will be closed until April 30 or longer if necessary. 


This has left students with a lot of alone time at home, so The Highlighter is here with ways to spice up staying at home and keep yourself entertained during these trying times. 

We are lucky to have this social distancing break right when the weather starts getting nice. Instead of being stuck inside a classroom all day, you can take advantage of the weather and maintain physical distancing by going outside. With classes switching to online the possibilities for where you can be doing your work are endless, go to class outside. Go on a walk or bike ride and explore your neighborhood. Parks are still open as long as you maintain distancing and stay off the playground equipment!

You could also get creative, make some art and so some crafting. This is the perfect time to pick up that unfinished art project. Take inspiration from the crazy reality we are living in during this pandemic and find your inner artist.

If you don’t know what art to make, collect some old magazines and books from around the house and collage. You can add anything to collages and you can even use it as room decor while reusing some old things and freshening up your space. 

You could also get caught up on all of the latest TV series or re-watch some old ones. 

The internet has been loving the Netflix documentary series “Tiger King,” one I would definitely recommend–I could not stop watching! Netflix also has some of the best drama TV shows like the “Vampire Diaries,” “All American,” and “Glee,” which all have a lot of seasons and are perfect for binge watching. 

You could also have a spa day–treat yourself. The coronavirus pandemic is causing anxiety to everyone. Find ways to relax, like putting on a face mask and just spending twenty minutes to yourself relaxing.

Meditation is a guaranteed way of relieving anxiety and a great way of just finding a center in the midst of all of this craziness. 

Practicing mindfulness is another tool you can use to take a step back and see what really is in front of you, to put things in perspective. (For how to use mindfulness, see this video:

You could try to do some spring cleaning, maybe re-organize a closet or some clothes. This is the perfect time to try re-selling some old clothes online. You can use apps like Depop or Poshmark to sell all over the states, or you can keep things more local and create a second Instagram to sell old clothes to friends and family. If you are short on cash and need to make some money quickly, this is a great way to do that while also cleaning out your closet. 

If making art is not your calling, you can get creative in a different way by trying that new recipe you’ve been wanting to try. Help around the house by making dinner one night. Bake something from scratch or use a box mix. Cooking and baking are very rewarding hobbies to pick up, and are just a good life skill to have.


Most importantly. check in on family, friends, and neighbors during this time. The Coronavirus has turned our world upside down, leaving some people in the community terrified. Just checking in on a friend can make their entire week. Just because we have to physically distance, doesn’t mean we can’t stay in touch with our friends!