Food Delivery Showdown | DoorDash, Grubhub, and UberEats


The food delivery industry has been booming in the past few years with a series of services dominating from Postmates to DoorDash, delivering your cravings right to your doorstep from the tap of your phone. In this series of reviews, Highlighter students Alan Anaya, Lilah Claycomb, and Edgar Morales put three of the most popular delivery services in the United States to the test: Grubhub, Doordash, and UberEats.  


They agreed on ordering the exact same item from the exact same place, but using the three different apps. The item of choice would be Smash Burger’s Single Bacon Beef Smash Burger ($6.59) and nothing else. The orders were placed at Rocky and were to be delivered to Rocky. 


With timers at hand, the way they decided to rate these apps was based on the following:


Speed of service: How fast did the food get to their destination?


Condition of food: In what condition did the food come? (Hot, Cold, Mushed, etc.)


Total delivery price: What was the total price of every order after fees?


Sub prices in the orders were the price of the burger which was $6.59 and the small order fee which applies when an order is less than a certain amount, in this case since the orders were less than $10 a $2 fee was applied by all three services.  



All of the orders were ordered at the same time and timers were set accordingly. 


UberEats: 43MIN

DoorDash: 38MIN

Grubhub: 30MIN

Grubhub led the group with the fastest delivery ahead of both. DoorDash ended in the middle with 38 minutes, faster than UberEats which had the slowest time. 



Condition of food whether it met standards upon delivery.


UberEats: Perfect Condition

DoorDash: Perfect Condition 

Grubhub: Perfect Condition

All three burgers were delivered intact, warm and ready for eating! 🙂



Total price after fees: These include the subtotal, sales tax, delivery and service fee, the small order fee and mentioned above and the tip.

UberEats: $17.57

DoorDash: $13.83


UberEats came out most expensive with Grubhub following and DoorDash being the cheapest of the three.


To sum it up, DoorDash came out on top considering that it was the cheapest and came out second between the three delivery services regarding the time of delivery. Good information for students needing food!