Rocky and CSU students work together on Public Achievement project.


Rocky students have the opportunity to work with CSU students to give their perspectives.

Alan Anaya and Edgar Morales

Public achievement: The idea that students receive a work platform to succeed in school and their communities. 


This semester students and professors from CSU will work alongside two clubs from Rocky Mountain High School, Los Lobos and Cultural Arms, to discuss problems within Rocky and the Fort Collins community and find solutions. This project doesn’t just focus on finding solutions, but also encourages students to use their voice to create change within issues


Each week starting January, 29th, students from CSU and Rocky are joining forces to formulate a plan on how they’re going to make a change. The CSU students are going to bring every bit of knowledge they have of public achievement and facilitate the conversations the Rocky students have amongst themselves. Not to mention, These students well help kickstart the discussions, listen to conversations, encourage students to speak up, and provide help when necessary to the club members.


Unfortunately, a lot of times, people’s voices are silenced, especially for young minority learners. It’s difficult to be acknowledged and taken seriously when students try to create change. Not only is this project a huge opportunity for Los Lobos and Cultural Arms, but they’ll be allowed to tackle issues like discrimination and silenced voices in and outside of Rocky Mountain High School. 


The groups, once they meet up, will discuss how to involve more community members in this project, agree on issues that need to be taken care of, and figure out what solutions are logical.


This process will be guided by Rocky teachers Mr. Knobloch, Ms. Quirós y Ms. Robles. Their jobs, or roles, are to help the students gain power in their voices so they can communicate to the rest of the Fort Collins community these issues that concern them. To add on, advisors would work together alongside students to bring issues to the attention of the admin, Rocky students, and the rest of the Fort Collins community. 


Students who once have felt pushed under the shadows will now have a chance to blossom and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Remember Rocky “never settle.”


This story is the first in a series of stories on this initiative. Updates will be monthly in The Highlighter.