Former Lobo Gives Generous Adopt A Family Donation

A grateful former student gives back with giant AAF donation.

A grateful former student gives back with giant AAF donation.

Payton Perkins, Editor

A mystery alum made a donation to Adopt A Family–all around the front of the school.

Donations in the form of skateboards, puzzles, socks, and much more were left around the front of the school early in the morning of December 11th. Erin Murray and Sue Bartlett were the first to find the donations, which were accompanied by sidewalk chalk art thanking teachers by name.

Erin Murray
“Thank you Kurt and John for teaching me to learn from my MISTAKES.”
Erin Murray
“Thank you Tom for showing me that if I do not try I will surely fail.”

At 7:15, Ms. Bartlett came to school to start setting up for the staff meeting, when she found the notes outside and donations scattered around, all the way to the teacher parking lot.

“It started dawning on me how much effort this person went through to do this kind, kind thing,” she said.

“Thank you Missy Wolf for teaching me about art.”


“It was awesome because we didn’t have the two things our nine-year-old boy asked for,” Kari Bridenbaugh said. Her class got one of the three skateboards donated. The nine-year-old her class got wanted two things–a GameStop gift card and skateboarding stuff. “We had something for everyone else, but nothing for him. It totally helped us out to have something he asked for.”

Payton Perkins
“Thank you Mr. Gainley for the second chance I almost didn’t believe in when I lost my home and almost failed right out of chemistry.”

“Just the fact that anyone would come back to Rocky and leave a bunch of presents and leave a bunch of notes like that,” Glenn Gainley said. “It just makes you feel like you’re doing an important thing with your life. I feel like, maybe I made an impact on somebody and they really wanted to give back to Rocky, and that was really wonderful. It was a warm, heartfelt thank you. It was awesome.”

“This school / This city / These streets / are my roots / and they / run deeper than the / Poudre River.”