Anxiety in Teens

Carter Walz, Staff Writer

According to Healthy Children one in three people age 13 to 18 have anxiety. That is a huge number of children facing more anxiety than ever before. 

There are a lot of reasons why this might be.Constant stress is one. Everyone has stress in their lives, from worrying about grades in school to worrying about your dog being sick. According to Globe News, 44.88% of all teenagers report feeling stressed all the time. Which is a big cause of anxiety.  

A contributing factor could also be the use of technology before bed and the blue light phones give off. This leads to not falling asleep as fast because the brain isn’t calm enough for sleep. Not getting enough sleep is a common stressor. 

It could also be because of the constant need for fulfillment all teens want on a daily basis. In the era of participation trophies and constant stimulus of the brain in the form of video games and social media, people constantly need their brain to be doing something. 

People who don’t have something that gives instant satisfaction can get super anxious and stressed out. Another thing that causes stress is when there are negative responses from social media or other online platforms. That leads to being constantly being anxious. Instagram is even taking away the “like” button so that it doesn’t create competition and anxiety.

Teens need to relax and stop being on their phones every second. They need to strive to get a proper amount of sleep, eat a balanced diet, and maybe even try to exercise.

These are some other strategies that can help combat constant stress and anxiety: