A glimpse into the furry community


Liddle (right) and a friend (left) wear their fursuits.

Janie Liddle, Contributor

Have you ever wondered what a furry is? According to someone on the inside, Kate Liddle, a furry is someone who is enthusiastic for animal characters with human characteristics. Lots of furries like to dress up in costumes that they either designed or someone designed for them, but others just use an avatar online. 

The furry community has been growing, especially from the release of the app Tik Tok.

Liddle specifically became interested in the furry world when they began drawing lots of animals. As an experienced artist, this was lots of fun for them and they ended up getting really into it. Before this Liddle had no idea what furries were. They began watching YouTube videos, then downloading Tik Tok and starting their own account. 

Liddle wanted to save money to be able to get their own fursuit, however they are very expensive. Luckily, with an upcoming birthday, they were able to get one.

With fursuits, people are able to go all out, add just a couple accessories, or everything in between. 

“I did not design my first suit specifically; I had the person who made it design it. However, I have designed several ideas,” Liddle said.

Liddle attended a convention for furries in Denver in late August. This event was called “Denfur” and was held over a weekend. There were several furry celebrities there including anime voice actors, famous Tik Tok furries and also famous public speaking furries.

“Denfur was extremely fun, I got to meet so many people that I had seen in videos and people who had inspired me,” Liddle said.

Kate Liddle has 3.5k followers on Tik Tok from their furry channel @pileoffur. They have been on Tik Tok for only about a year, but posts nearly every day for people wanted to learn a little more or who might just want to take a look.