No Mo’ Snow!

Colorado winter has gone on long enough, and we want out.


Winter is pretty, but way, WAY too cold!

MaKayla McAllister, Contributor

Winter may induce freezing winds that bite your skin and soak into your bones, but at least everyone develops seasonal depression, too. Every second of every day, it feels like you’re naked in a snowstorm on the top of Mount Everest. 


The only time you’re warm during the winter is when you’re in your bed with the extra-warm fleece sheets your mom got you, but the comfort and joy your bed brings you is short-lived– you have to wake up for school or work in a couple of hours, hit the snooze button five times, hesitantly roll out of bed, rush to get ready, and enter the frosty air once again on your way to a place where they apparently don’t know that there’s a heating system in the building. 


Not to mention the walk from your car to your school or place of work. In below freezing temperatures with aggressive wind, the couple hundred yards from your car to your destination feels like a 200-mile walk through Antarctica.  


The harsh winter kills everything from your flower garden to your motivation to do anything remotely productive and makes the land a barren wasteland of bitterness. The fresh snow is exciting–I won’t lie–but then the beauty of the fresh white powder is mauled by the dirt, grime, and mud that people trek everywhere any time they drive or walk. 


When you bundle up to go outside, you think you’re doing yourself a favor, but when you get inside, you have to take off a million and one layers. The second you enter a building, your coat becomes a sweat lodge for your body and you feel like you went into the steam room for 45 minutes and passed out. 


The worst part about winter is how long it lasts. People live like frozen tater tots for four straight months, and sometimes longer than that. Winter irritates people like (snow)body’s business.