Is Escaping New York really the new escape?

Della Fisher, Staff Writer

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A Beast Coast and Flatbush Zombies tour poster I have hanging in my room.

The hype for Beast Coast’s album “Escape From New Yorkhas been huge. Is this going to be the new album of the summer?

Beast Coast is a hip hop collective made up of rappers from New York groups like Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, and Pro Era. They started making a big splash in pop culture when they unveiled their first song “Left Hand” on March 12, and the hype grew when they released another super popular song “Coast/Clear.”

“Escape From New York” has 13 songs that feature many different artists who have different styles. This album is very different from the songs they released in March. The songs on “Escape From New York” take a very alternative look on rap. This album is not like most rap albums, as “Escape from New York” uses many different sounds and flows. I liked the majority of the album; my favorite songs were “Problemz” and “Rubberband.” But there were some songs I disliked, like “It Ain’t Easy.” I disliked the amount of autotune they used on this one.

“I really liked ‘Escape From New York;’ it was a very different album,” Nature Manna a sophomore from Rocky Mountain High School said

“Escape From New York” is definitely an album you should check out. The amount of different rappers and sounds they used is very impressive. You can stream this album on Spotify and Apple Music. If you like rap and alternative music you should definitely check this album out.