Baseball Field Receives Improvements


Aaron Lambert

Construction on the baseball fields

Ravyn Cullor, Staff Member

The Gabe Pando Baseball Field is getting a brand new renovation this year.

Due to complaints of foul balls being knocked into, and damaging, the condo complex on Silverplume Drive just west of Rocky, the varsity baseball diamond is receiving a much larger backstop, similar to the one at the JV diamond.

The baseball program is taking this as an opportunity to make some other renovations, including improvements on the infield, and the addition of a brick wall. “It’s a great opportunity to make some improvements to our field,” said Athletic Director Wayne Moddlemog.

While Moddlemog couldn’t give a specific number as to how much these improvements will cost, he says that most of the improvements are being funded by the district and the Baseball Booster Program.

“We just want to be good neighbors,” Moddlemog said. “We want to do what we can to make them comfortable in our community.