Senioritis strikes again

Seniors after trying to get their low grades back up.

Seniors after trying to get their low grades back up.

Mia Stolpe, Staff writer

We are nearing the time of the year where seniors are excitedly counting down the days until end of school, but it’s not just summer we are excited for. Graduation is more than just the last day of school; it might as well be the first day of the rest of our lives. All of our 13 years of schooling has led to this–but no pressure. With lots of nerves and excitement, seniors may seem to be going stir-crazy.

So, I ask all adults reading this, please forgive us seniors for the hooligans we may have become. I also sincerely apologize on behalf of the entire class for our behavior at times, but can you really blame us, we’re trying to live it up while we can!


This is my age! I’m in the prime of my youth and I’ll only be young once!”

— Teddy Duchamp, “Stand by Me.”

As silly as it sounds, seniors may just be suffering from a serious illness: Senioritis. It may be seen as folklore, but I’m here to tell you, graduation can and does have a serious affect on seniors! A group of seniors all resoundingly agreed, the main symptom is a lack of motivation, which makes the “school” part of this time pretty hard. As Torie Wolf said, “I am in fight or flight mode; it’s all autopilot from here.”


But with just a month until it’s all over, I’m here to tell you to embrace the fact they we are almost at the finish line. Live your life to the fullest in every moment, the clock is ticking down to get in your coming of age high school moments. Let yourself be who you genuinely are and be proud of it, because there’s not a lot of time left to make your mark. In addition, don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself, talk to people you’ve been wanting to talk to, and maybe even try to forgive anyone with bad blood.


As hard as it may be right now to focus on doing anything, focus on making the most out of this last month. While you’re at it, maybe, just possibly, you should work to finish strong in your school work as well. Good luck, ‘Bos!