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A Playlist for Spring

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A Playlist for Spring

A rainbow falls over the Rocky Mountains.

A rainbow falls over the Rocky Mountains.

A rainbow falls over the Rocky Mountains.

A rainbow falls over the Rocky Mountains.

Erin Hutcheson, Staff Editor

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It’s finally spring, ‘Bos! The short days full of harsh cold are almost over. The flowers will begin to bloom and the sun will set later. As the temperature grows warm, so will our moods. So what better way to jump into spring than with some feel good music?


I created a playlist of 20 songs that remind me of spring–songs with a positive energy that have me dancing around and wanting to enjoy the sun. I hope you find some songs that you can groove to as well!


  1. “Sunny Boys Lament” by LAUNDRY DAY- This song has an upbeat tempo that remains chill throughout the whole song. The lyrics are easy to memorize and I’d say this is perfect song for background music while you’re with your friends.
  2. “Low” by The Driver Era- This is one that has me on my feet. The lead singer has a deep voice that matches perfectly with the funky music. It reminds me more of summer but fits perfectly for spring. Very catchy as well!
  3. “24/7/365” by Surfaces- This song makes me want to lay on a beach and soak up the sun. It has a tropical feel to it. The singer has a calming voice that flows beautifully with the instruments. It’s the type of song you would play with your friends while watching the sunset.
  4. “Stuck” by The Aces- The Aces are one of my favorite bands. All of their music has a very upbeat indie-pop feel to it. Perfect for spring and summer. This one makes me want to drive to Horsetooth with my friends, screaming the lyrics. I highly recommend checking The Aces out, all their music is spectacular!
  5. “Oranges Trees” by MARINA- No song screams spring more than this one. MARINA wrote this song about being outside and enjoy the simplicity of nature. It’s the perfect song to listen to when you’re out enjoying the nature that is now emerging from the snow. A good song to dance to as well!
  6. “Queen Tings” by Masego- This one’s a jazz like song. Masego is popular for mixing jazz with pop beats that make everyone want to groove. He plays many different instruments but the one that’s most present in all his music is the saxophone. His voice is also smooth as silk, so this song is the perfect feel good song that is calming and fun. I recommend looking at Masegos’ music for many enjoyable songs.
  7. “Marceline” by Vista Kicks- This song is different than the rest of these songs. It’s more part of the rock genre but it’s not intense rock. I’d call it indie-rock. It’s very upbeat and just makes me happy when I listen to it. The lead singers voice is raspy which is always my favorite. This song is perfect to blast in the car with your friends.
  8. “Ice Melts” by Drake- This song came out a couple years ago on Drake’s More Life album. I’ve always liked this song but I thought it fit on the spring playlist. The music has a funky feeling to it, perfect for dancing to.
  9. “Move Your Feet” by Junior Senior- This one’s the definition of groovy music. It will no doubt have you moving your feet. It’s so fun! It just makes me so happy listening to it. This is the perfect one to play around your friends to have them all grooving along with you.
  10. “Pushing 20” by Sabrina Carpenter- Sabrina is another one of my favorite artists. This one’s her most recent song and it just makes you feel like no one can mess with you. More of an empowering song, it will have you singing the lyrics with confidence while getting down!
  11. “Juice” by Lizzo- Currently, this is my favorite song. It’s all about confidence, like most of Lizzo’s are. It’s an upbeat song that will have you moving and grooving. If you want an all around feel good song, this one’s it.
  12. “Playboy Style” By Charlie XCX- This ones a hit or miss for people. It’s a fun sons that is very catchy. It has Bhad Bhabie in it, the “Cash me outside” girl. Personally, I don’t like her, so her part isn’t as enjoyable to me but I love the rest of the song.
  13. “Fallingwater” by Maggie Rogers- I recommend everyone to check out all of Maggie Rogers’ music because she’s such an amazing artist. I choose this song to be on the playlist because it’s  more chill than most of these songs. The one you would listen to when the sun started going down. Still a happy song but a lot more calming.
  14. “I. Worst Guys” by Childish Gambino- This one came out a few years ago but still is one of my favorites. It’s a summer-y rap song that is perfect for spring. The type of song you can rap along with your friends.
  15. “Slow Burn” by Kasey Musgraves- This one’s the slowest out of the bunch. Not the type of song that you would want to get down to. It’s a song that you would listen to at a campfire. I don’t like country music, but Kasey makes beautiful music. This one’s perfect for the chill nights.
  16. “Built That Way” by Emotional Oranges- This song came out a few days ago and is a kick back and relax vibe. It is very catchy as well.
  17. “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo- I love this song so much. It’s all about her being confident, like her other song, and being better than her ex that did her wrong. You’ll be belting out the lyrics in your car with your girlfriends.
  18. “Goodie Bag” by Still Woozy- All of Still Woozy’s music is upbeat, lighthearted music that just reminds me of spring and summer. This song is his most popular and fits perfectly in this playlist.
  19. “Motion” by Emotional Oranges- I put another song by Emotional Oranges because they are currently my favorite band. This song is perfect for a feel good energy you need on a spring afternoon. I recommend checking all of their 5 songs they have.
  20. “I Wish I Missed My Ex” by Mahalia- This song is an easy to learn, light-hearted song, contrary to what the title would lead you to believe. I’ve discovered it recently and it’s fit this playlist for a groovy spring song.


Whether you decided to check these songs out or not, or even enjoy any of them, I hope you have an beautiful spring full of music to dance in the sun to!


6 Responses to “A Playlist for Spring”

  1. Max hand on May 2nd, 2019 9:13 am

    This is a very relaxing hippie playlist, it matches you very well 🙂

  2. Annabel on May 2nd, 2019 9:20 am

    This is really helpful 🙂 I’ve been looking for more music

  3. Emma Mackey on May 2nd, 2019 9:21 am

    You’re the cutest, these songs are perfect for warm weather and are definitely things I’ m going to be listening to with my windows rolled down

  4. Lilli Barrett on May 2nd, 2019 10:11 am

    I love some of these songs! I can’t wait to explore more of them

  5. Anabelle Gram on May 3rd, 2019 9:32 am

    I like this playlist and will be checking out some of the songs!!

  6. Caleb Cruz on May 7th, 2019 10:07 am

    Love all the music you chose, cant wait to here all the music over the summer.

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A Playlist for Spring