The Last Winter is Coming

Karina Benjamin, Staff Writer

Game of Thrones is a popular TV show that is starting its 8th, and final, season on April 14th. The show first aired on April 17, 2011, and since then many characters have come and gone…many, many characters. With winter coming and the last season airing, we can expect a great many more beloved characters to die.


I was never really interested in watching it until my boyfriend introduced me to it. I always thought the show sounded confusing and, honestly, a little bit boring. Now, I am already through season four and am super invested. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m hoping to get caught up before the release of season eight but we’ll see if I can make it through all 67 episodes. It is a great show and if you have ever considered watching it, I recommend that you do. It definitely isn’t for everyone, as it can be very gruesome and explicit, but even with all the bloody fight scenes, it truly is an amazing show.


The setting of the show is a medieval world full of magic knights and kings. Basically, without spoiling anything, the plot focuses on a fight for the “iron throne” and control of the seven kingdoms. There is a lot of detail and incredible character development within the show. If you love exciting shows full of adventure this should definitely be the next show on your list. Beware though, once you get through the first few episodes you will be hooked.


As far as characters go, their development throughout the show is very drastic, you can go from hating a character to feeling bad for them in one episode. My favorite characters are Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and Arya Stark. IIt is very easy to spoil things in this show, but without giving too much away, just know those characters are amazing. Both Daenerys and Arya are strong independent women in the show,  I love them and their empowering stories; and with every episode, I get more and more attached. So I am really hoping they survive until the end, which is probably very unlikely.


I highly recommend this show and if you have ever wanted to watch it, here’s your sign. It has become one of my favorite shows and I can’t wait to catch up and watch the new season when it begins this Sunday, April 14th.


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