Insomnia Cookies

Della Fisher, Staff Writer

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Insomnia Cookies is a unique cookie shop that opened in Fort Collins in 2017. Insomnia offers a wide variety of cookie flavors. Their unusual hours begin at 9:00 am and close at 3:00 am. Insomnia’s menu has something that everyone will love, from traditional cookies, to unique flavors, cookie cakes and ice cream sandwiches. There are twelve different flavors of regular sized cookies alone. You can order Insomnia online or in store. They have a limited delivery area that includes CSU, and they deliver until late into the night. Insomnia is located downtown at 646 South College Ave., Fort Collins, CO.

I have tried Insomnia two times, getting the 18 cookie deal for $23.75 and then sharing the 24 cookie deal for $33. When I ordered the cookies, I was expecting them to be bigger than their actual size due to  their price, but the flavors of the cookies were great. I tried the snickerdoodle, double chocolate, and red velvet. When I tried the cookies, they were all warm, gooey, and very good.

A mint chocolate chip cookie from Insomnia sits amongst the pieces of cookies.

“I like that Insomnia is open super late,” sophomore, Taylor Laborde said.

Insomnia is a cool concept since they are open very late and the cookies and packaging are super Instagramable. I also love the number of different cookie flavors and things to try. To buy a single cookie at Insomnia it is $1.25 compared to Mary’s Mountain Cookies, a similar and also local competitor,  where to buy a single cookie it is $2.75. At both stores there are twelve different flavors of cookies, but a major size difference at Mary’s Mountain Cookies is that the cookies are significantly bigger.

The only complaint I have is the prices. Insomnia is expensive for what it is, but if you love cookies, it’s definitely worth it and the delivery option is nice. Insomnia is great for a once in awhile dessert or a late night snack.