Top 5 Nicholas Sparks Movies


The Notebook is one of many Nicholas Sparks movies on Netflix.

Annabel Lasher, Staff Writer

Nicholas Sparks is the iconic author who inspired classic romance movies that have, frankly, set expectations for relationships way too high.

Although the list of the timeless films goes on, here are what I believe to be the top five heart-wrenching movies given to us by the king of romance himself.

  1. The Best of Me: This is the story of two high school sweethearts, Amanda and Dawson. Of course, typical Sparks, the two separate. Twenty years later they are reunited at a funeral for a mutual friend. Once again, their love is rekindled. The plot is similar to “The Notebook,” and “The Notebook” did it better. The dramatic ending came as a shock to the audience. The heart shattering yet heartwarming conclusion left this movie standing in last place for me.


  1. Dear John: Sparks opens this love story with John, an enlisted army man, and Savannah, a carefree college student. They have a short romance before John has to go back to serve. The two write letters back and forth during this time, but as predicted, conflict leads the two to break apart. I feel like this movie took a different approach to a love story. I felt like the story ended up being more about John’s connection with his dad rather than his love with Savannah. However, I feel like this movie did a great job representing that young love does not always last. The only reason I put this movie in fourth is because it personally was not that sad.


  1. A Walk to Remember: This is one of the older, yet never forgotten movies from the collection. Jamie and Landon, the most unexpected couple, show us that some people are willing to stand up for love, even when it seems impossible. As predicted, a tragedy arises, leaving the viewers crying rivers. This movie hit all of the feels.


  1. The Choice: This is the story of Travis and Gabby. They started as neighbors and quickly turned into a surprising couple. After years of a perfect relationship, disaster strikes leaving both of them with a choice of life or death. Make sure to bring out the tissues for this one, as it hits home. This is the newest of the collection and checks all of the boxes for a great Sparks movie.


  1. The Notebook: This classic love story starts with a summer romance between Allie and Noah. The movie goes back and forth between their teenage fling, in which Allie’s rich parents disapprove, to Noah telling this beautiful love story to Allie who is suffering from dementia. After years apart, they finally meet again and instantly connect with their past love. The iconic rain scene left the audience wiping away tears as sparks flew. Our hearts were filled with sorrow at the end. This movie is the definition of a perfect romance movie. 10/10 would recommend.

If you are looking for a good cry over spring break, I can guarantee that any one of these movies will have you bringing out the tissues.