When I Get Home

Della Fisher, Staff Writer

Popular R&B singer Solange has come out with a highly anticipated album “When I Get Home.” She shocked the R&B world with her first album “A Seat At The Table”in 2016 and that album quickly became a cult classic.

“When I get Home,” was expected to come out in 2018 but ended coming out on March 1st, 2019. The album has 19 tracks and a visual movie on Spotify. The visual side of this album is very retro with images of vintage cars and clothing, but the songs take a more futuristic feel with a blend of older genres mixed in.

“When I get Home,” is a new take on the traditional R&B sound. This album is full of bass, drums, and a fusion of electronic music which builds a new sound for Solange, when compared to her first album. “I really liked her first album and this new one is even better,” Rocky sophomore Fiona McPhail said.

I also like this album a lot. All of the songs flow together perfectly. When you listen to the 39-minute long album it feels like it could be one continuous song. It is the perfect background music, with its soft vocals and beats. There are really no songs that I dislike.

“When I Get Home,” is a very artistic album because of the various music styles that are used together. This album shows major growth in Solange’s vision of her music. If you like R&B this is definitely a album you should check out.