Why Avatar: The Last Airbender is the greatest show of all time


The main characters of the Nickelodeon show "Avatar: The Last Airbender."

Jenna Giffin, Staff Writer

When I’m getting to know someone, a question I commonly ask is, “Have you seen Avatar?” and I usually get a response such as, “Oh, yeah, the movie with the blue people?” or even worse, “Oh, you mean the last airbender movie?” which I usually respond with, “Don’t ever speak of the movie in my presence again. It was a catastrophe and never should be referred to when speaking of the most fantastic TV show to ever air.”


“Avatar: The Last Airbender” is an animated three season Nickelodeon show that aired from 2005-2008. It was set on an alternate planet inhabited by four great nations of elemental benders: water, earth, fire, and air. A 100-year long war has been raging between the Fire Nation and the rest of the world, with the Fire Nation hoping to eliminate the other three nations in hopes of becoming the last dominant country expanding throughout the entire world.


The Fire Nation was successful on elimating the existence of the Air Nation, or the Air Nomads. The story line follows a group of young kids traveling around on a flying bison named Appa to aid in the journey of Aang, the avatar, as he trains to defeat the Firelord. The avatar is capable of bending all four elements and has a responsibility to maintain balance and peace between the four nations.


“Avatar: The Last Airbender” is strong in animation, music, character development, plot, and more. While this show did air 14 years ago, the animation is still absolutely stunning. The scenery is incredibly detailed. If you were to pause the show on any frame and examine the art work, you would find yourself getting lost in the brushwork and tiny details crafted into the background. The art style sets a very cute and calming mood for the show.

The music is also phenomenal. The use of unexpected instruments leaves the viewer  surprised at the authenticity of the world created by Nickelodeon It even includes make-believe instruments creating beautiful sounds as they are being played by characters in the show. A theme is played all through the show, from season one to season three, with slight variations on the melody. It becomes a familiar tune that a fan can hear and associate with all of the wonderful emotions this show brings with.

I believe this show is unbeatable when it comes to character development. I have never in my life watched a TV show or movie that does a better job. In specific, the character development of Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation was spectacular.


(WARNING: SPOILERS) In season one, Zuko is introduced. He has been banished from the Fire Nation and must capture the Avatar alive and return to the Fire Nation in order to restore his honor.


Zuko is angry and mean. In the first few episodes he’s portrayed as the possible antagonist of the story. Over time, the show presents us with flashbacks of Zuko’s life, and we learn all about the horrible things that have happened to him, creating sympathy.


Viewers will find themselves rooting for Zuko as he tracks down Aang. The show presents other Fire Nation characters as your affection for Zuko grows, making Zuko look like a saint by comparison.


In the second season, Zuko’s personality and values begin changing. By the end of the third season, he is a fully changed person and a lovable character. This specific character development was absolutely brilliant.


When I think of Avatar, I think of wisdom, beauty, and peace, for those are the themes promoted the strongest throughout the duration of the show. When you analyze the events that unfold, there is a wisdom that can be related to anyone’s day to day life. “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is by far the most incredible show and should be binged again and again. Unfortunately, if you didn’t purchase the DVDs for this show, it is almost impossible to find online.