Interview With the Custodians


Espinoza says he enjoys the unity of the Rocky staff and student body.

Payton Perkins, Staff Writer

Everyday, Rocky students and staff come to a school with clean floors, empty trash cans, and neat bathrooms. While Rocky students usually do a good job of picking up after themselves, we do get some help from the awesome custodians.

I love the staff, I love the students, and it’s a very clean school.”

— Diana Ackerman

William Espinoza has been working at Rocky for 22 years as Head Custodian. He enjoys working on and riding his motorcycle, fishing, and being outdoors.

“Rocky’s a good place to be,” Espinoza said. “Everyone is friendly, everybody gets along, everybody helps each other out. It’s a really good community to be at.”

“I enjoy being with my grandbaby, he’s two and a half, and just hanging out with him,” Diana Ackerman said. She has been working at Rocky for eight years as a custodian. “My kids, my son and my daughter, we all have a good relationship together.”

The custodians are here during school hours at various times cleaning up. They are also called to clean at other schools when they are short staffed. Espinoza and Ackerman are here during the school day.

There is also an afternoon and night crew who help out. If you see any custodians, say hi and thank them for all the hard work they do to keep the school beautiful.