The Secret Life of Teachers


Mrs. Wolf reveals her secret closet of monsters.

Five days a week for several hours a day, the staff at Rocky Mountain High School play the role of teacher for their students.

However, the question that all students still ponder is: what do teachers do outside of school?

Art teacher, Missy Wolf, has an immense collection of Monster’s, Inc. figures. She even revealed her secret closet of monsters hidden in her office. “This is what I do; these are who I hang out with.”

Mr.Brian Tafel enjoys spending his time outdoors. “I love backpacking, hiking, and fly fishing when I’m not coaching or teaching.”

Student teacher, Daniel Denton-Webber, plays pool, does a lot of film photography, skates and goes to Pinball Jones. “I enjoy not being in school for a little bit.”

Jamie Quiros finds time for salsa dancing and quality moments with her daughters. “We try to do the little things like watch movies, go to the park, and go swimming.”

English teacher Amy White plays Pokemon Go, collects Hello Kitty products, travels, reads, and works at Studio Vino outside of school. “[Studio Vino] is a super fun job and people are usually happy. I like the extra money because it lets us travel.” Her favorite travel destination so far has been New Zealand because it was so beautiful and the culture was great.

Now, why is it so hard for students to see that teachers are people too?

Preslie Denton said, “Sometimes it seems like teachers live for school. The amount of homework we do each night makes it seem like they have nothing better to do than grade our work.”

Sophomore Avalon Cobb said that it was hard for her to picture what teachers do outside of school since they never talk about their personal lives. “It’s kind of like I need to see it to believe that it’s true.”

“This sounds bad, but I think it’s weird because you just think of your teacher not necessarily like a person in a way because you see them five days out of the week and move on. Most students do not have a personal connection with their teachers to know how they spend their free time.” freshman Naleah Schmitz said.

Teachers are people too. It’s refreshing to see what interests the teachers. Next time you are in class, ask your teacher what they are into. You learn something new every day.