We Need Less Cardi B


Cardi is all over the news with her 2019 Grammy win.

The 61st Annual Grammy Awards aired on Sunday, February 10th, left millions of people content, emotional, and shocked, especially after the winner of Rap Album of the Year was presented.

Cardi B, up against Nipsey Hussle, Pusha T, Travis Scott, and the late Mac Miller, made history as she became the first female to win this award for her album “Invasion of Privacy.”

However, this victory sparked a lot of controversy about whether or not the correct selection was made for this category.

Senior Oscar Valdez said, “[Cardi] is a great artist, but I personally do not believe she deserved this win. There are way better artists that gave it their all into their albums and had more hits than Cardi.”

“I will admit that she has bops and I will get down to Cardi B. However, she has no artistic integrity against other artists in the rap industry. The fact that she won a Grammy is disrespectful to these artists such as Mac Miller,” said Mia Stolpe and Rubi-Aspen Holloway.

These students are not the only people who believe this was a mistake. In fact, Cardi got so much backlash that she posted a video regarding the situation and deleted her Instagram page.

“I remember last year when I didn’t win for ‘Bodak Yellow’ and everybody was like ‘Cardi got snubbed,’ now this year’s a ******* problem?! My album went two-time platinum and every chart that there was, my album was always top 10, number one album as well,” said Cardi.

This response is just another reason why people such as college freshman, Sarah Neff, have lost respect for Cardi. “Some of the things that I hear her say disgust me. I am a believer in women supporting women but it makes it hard for me to stand behind her when she says and acts the way she does.”

Although she technically started her career as a rap artist in 2015 by being featured on tracks here and there, it was not until her hit single “Bodak Yellow” released in 2017, hit number one of the charts, and sparked her future success.

However, artists such as Mac Miller and Pusha T have been working in the industry since around 2010. How is it fair that an artist with one successful album gets more recognition than someone who has worked hard for years?

As Neff said, “I think people are the most upset about the fact that the Grammy’s didn’t look into the person behind the win. They only saw Cardi as an artist that has recently done well. They didn’t bother to see what kind of person she is.”