Feeling the Lunar Effect

Mia Stolpe, Staff Writer

Do you believe the moon can affect you?

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The moon may be 238,900 miles away from Earth but it’s effect on earth is not unknown. The Moon’s rotation and gravitational pull controls the tides in the ocean, but could it also control our emotional and mental tides as well?


Whether or not you believe in zodiac signs, last weekend’s Super Blood Wolf Moon may be affecting you in ways you don’t even know. People have believed in the “lunar effect” since before the Middle Ages.


The reasoning behind the moon affecting our behavior and emotions is pretty simple. People believe that because the human body is around 75% water, perhaps the moon in its mystical ways controls or changes the body’s water molecules.


A Super Blood Wolf Moon is many different moons in one–all together to create a unique event. First off, a Supermoon is when the moon’s position is closest to the Earth, meaning its pull is the strongest. The Super Blood Wolf Moon was also a total lunar eclipse, meaning the sun, earth, and moon are in perfect alignment, thus blocking out the moon for a certain amount of time. The Earth’s shadow was cast onto the moon, and when in the perfect alignment, the moon turned red, making it a Blood Moon. Last weekend’s event was the longest lunar eclipse the 21st century. The wolf originates from the Native American calendar where January’s full moon is connected to the wolves that would howl at the full moon.


The energy of the full moon is believed to bring out thoughts and emotions that are tucked away in the subconscious. This could bring to light some harsh realities and push towards change, but with change sometimes comes loss of what used to be.

So in the spirit of the full moon, try to be open to leaving behind what no longer serves you well and be open to the new paths you might be put on. If you felt a little weird this weekend, trust in the universe and its connection to you. Sometimes feeling uncomfortable is important to open your eyes to how complex life is.


The lunar eclipse is a time of resolution from the last lunar eclipse on July 16th and the beginning of a new cycle. Keep in mind what aspirations you want to continue putting your energy into and what isn’t worth holding on to.  


If you missed the spectacular solar event this past weekend, the next lunar eclipse will be July 16-17, so mark your calendar.


Whether or not you believe the moon can metaphysically effect you, it’s good to reflect on how time is changing you. Maybe it’s not during a full moon or lunar eclipse that you feel your thoughts and emotions going haywire, but when they do, allow yourself to accept the chaos and reflect on it.