The Buzz on Bandersnatch

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The Buzz on Bandersnatch

Erin Hutcheson, Staff Editor

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Netflix has been non-stop with the release of  movies and new content. “Stranger Things,” and “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” have been major hits for the streaming service. However, their newest movie is different than the rest, “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” is an interactive movie, released on December 28, 2018, and has left viewers in confusion.


A couple of years ago, Netflix made a show called “Black Mirror.” about technology and how it is taking over the world. Every episode is a different story of a dystopian life. It got big instantly, so Netflix’s next move was to create a movie for the popular show.


The creator, Charlie Brooker, came up with idea to make this movie interactive, meaning the audience gets to choose what the main character does in the film. Now, I was excited to watch this because the “Black Mirror” show has always been so interesting to me. Although I was a little hesitant about Brooker pulling it off, once I started the movie I was instantly engrossed.


It starts off by asking what cereal the main character Stefan wants. When I chose Frosties the transition was smooth, without choppy editing. The story followed Stefan trying to make an interactive video game where viewers get to choose how the story goes. I began to see the connection between what he was doing and what I was doing. I was hooked. As the story continued, I would choose paths that weren’t correct and it would take me back to a decision I made a while ago to give me a chance to make a different one.


The film was already quite interesting to me, but I got to the point in the movie when Stefan starts talking to his therapist about not feeling in control. He said he felt like someone was controlling him. My mouth dropped because I didn’t realize the creator would turn and point the finger at viewers. The movie wasn’t just interactive, it was about the people controlling him. Later in the movie, Stefan starts screaming and asking who’s doing this to him. It felt strange having someone in a movie basically yelling at me. It’s something that hasn’t really been done before.


Since there are so many different choices to make, the story differs depending on who’s watching it. I would talk to my friends who watched and I’d have to ask if they got the same parts of the film as I did. What other movie is like that?


This is one of the best movies created. I was already impressed with Brooker because of the innovation in “Black Mirror,” but to create an interactive movie where the main character feels like he’s being controlled, is insane. I found myself so invested in Stefan’s life, watching him slowly going crazy because of my decisions. There are four different endings and I want to keep watching it until I see every one.


Overall, this movie was incredible. I feel like everyone should appreciate how difficult it must have been to create a movie with so many different parts. It will have the viewers hooked and feeling like they’re going insane right alongside Stefan. You can find it on Netflix, check it out!