Narcos Mexico Worth Watching

Veronica Barajas, Staff Writer

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Netflix recently premiered their new series “The Birth of Mexico’s Drug War: Narcos Mexico.”

It features Diego Luna playing Miguel Angel Felix, Michael Pena playing KiKi Camarena, and Tenoch Huerta who plays Rafael Caro Quintero. The series explains the rise of the Guadalajara cartel in the 1980s and the rise of power of Felix Gallardo, an ex-cop from Sinaloa who, along with Rafael Caro Quintero, began a small- time cannabis business.

Whether you’ve watched “Narcos” or not, “Narco: Mexico” is easy to follow and understand. The story takes place in the late 1970s and early 1980s in Sinaloa, Mexico, which was also known as the the capital of the Narco. Right off the bat, the first episode gives you an insight into the opposing cartels and it gives a taste of their eventual crash. The story later moves to Guadalajara, Jalisco, which was soon to become the new capital of the Narco.

During this time period, Mexico’s drug trade was increasing rapidly and was being divided into other territories that were always at war. Felix, who was just the right hand of a territory boss saw an opportunity to create drug making and drug running a business after he saw how the government was burning the fields of those who didn’t pay their dues and didn’t play by their rules.

On the other hand, the DEA wasn’t going to let Felix have this so easy.  Kiki Camarena, a Mexican- American DEA agent from California was denied a job in Miami and instead was sent to Guadalajara. Kiki, along with his family, accepts the move to Mexico to start this new job. Camarena, who is highly recognizable for his work, notices the lack of resources and motivation in both the DEA office and the Mexican government. Camarena knew something big was coming and he wouldn’t stop until he found out what it was. His ambition sparked a light into his coworkers who soon quit obeying the rules of Mexico’s government and began to do it their way.   

Kiki’s and Felix’s stories can somehow be seen as similar: two men with ambition and goals who get caught up in the world of greed, power, ego and respect. They also have to face corrupt governments that get in the way and only frustrate what they are trying to accomplish–which in this case, is Felix’s attempt to grow his empire and Kiki’s attempt to bring Felix business to face justice. “Narcos Mexico” gives a voice to the opposing sides using Camarena and Felix to represent them.

Despite the dramazation included, the series truly exposes how Guadalajara’s government was manipulated by Narco’s and how Mexico was ruled by corruption. It shows both the criminal organizations and law enforcement sides equally, portraying both the negative and positive on each side. With its outstanding cast, it gives you a true feel of what it was like during the drug war. If you’re looking for a binge show to watch this weekend, “Narcos Mexico” is a 10/10 recommendation.