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Jason Bishop Jr, Staff Writer

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We all know that feeling of watching the last episode of your favorite show on Netflix. You go into a hole of boredom and loneliness, not knowing what to do on your freetime. You then take forever trying to find a new show, but I have some shows that you might be interested in.



“Hell on Wheels”-This is the one I’m watching now and it is amazing. It is about building the transcontinental railroad. It has actors like Common, Anson Mount, and Colm Meaney. It has everything from action to romance. The show has five seasons, all on Netflix so definitely watch this show. I highly recommend it.


“Orange is the New Black”- If you haven’t watched this yet, then you must. It has been one of the biggest shows on Netflix and is still popular today. Be aware that is for mature audiences only, so don’t be surprised if there is bad language or nudity. If you didn’t already know, it is about a young lady experiencing prison for the first time. She tries to survive and make friends in this Netflix original.


“The Walking Dead”-rguably the best TV show ever made; it will be reaching its 9th season. With so much people in its fan base, it’s hard not to be at least curious about it. I wouldn’t watch this show until you had at least a couple of days to yourself because you won’t want to stop watching it once you start.


“Breaking Bad”-With 28 different awards earned by Bryan Cranston and the fantastic cast of “Breaking Bad,” this show was a roller coaster and always had me on the edge of my seat. With an amazing storyline, it’s hard not to want to watch it all. I mean, who hasn’t had someone in their family talk about this show? Definitely another show I would urge you to watch.



“Big Mouth”-This animated series has gotten a lot of recognition over the past year, with a new season releasing only a couple months ago. If you don’t already know, it’s  about a group of middle schoolers going through puberty and having to deal with real life problems, but in a funny way. But definitely be aware of the inappropriate topics, it’s for mature audiences.


“The Get Down”-This show could possibly qualify for a drama show, but it does have a lot of comedic elements in it. It is about how hip hop first came to the scene, but has its own sweet story. Huge actors like Justice Smith, Shameik Moore, and Jaden Smith all play a group of of hip hip hopefuls trying to become the best hip hop group in The Bronx.


All of these shows are just a small glimpse of the infinite shows you could start binging, but hopefully it gives you a place to start.



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