Winter Fashion at Rocky


Miguel Jacobo a sophmore wears a hat and hoodie.

Della Fisher, Staff Writer

Bevan Lott, 10th grade, stays warm in joggers and hoodie.
Sophomore Ryan Randal keeps it festive with Christmas themed shirt and jacket.
Cassidy Hoffman and Julia Baietti, both sophomores, stay warm by layering their jackets and pants.
Campbell Fanning, a sophomore, stays warm by wearing a windbreaker.
Cameron Lira, sophomore, adds style by layering a basketball jersey over a plain hoodie.
Sam Deehan coordinates his outfit with the color gray.
Miguel Jacobo, a sophomore, wears a hat and hoodie.
Elise Smets and Carter Walz, sophomore,s dress for the snow by layering their jackets.
Sophomore Maddie Chesher keeps warm by wearing leggings and a scarf.
Jake Edward,s sophomore, dresses for the weather by wearing a hoodie.